Program Improvement Plan Implementation Team

In response to the Child & Family Services Review, a Program Improvement Plan (PIP) has been developed. Six counties were selected as PIP implementation sites (Arapahoe, Denver, El Paso, Fremont, Larimer and Morgan).Representative from these counties, Division of Child Welfare and Administrative Review Division staff, court improvement program and best practice court teams from the counties are the implementation team for the PIP. The team will meet monthly to develop an implementation plan, monitor progress and provide support.


Name Representation
Angela Lytle Arapahoe County
Micheal DeGretto Arapahoe County
Mimi Scheuermann Denver County
Arletha Ashley Denver County
Corey Johnson Denver County
Mollie Warren Denver County
Erin Stremming Denver County
Josie Berry Denver County
Jill Calvert El Paso County
Jessica Hardwicke El Paso County
Stacie Kwitek Fremont County
Mick Stumph Fremont County
Carrie Porter Fremont County
Thad Paul Larimer County
Catherine Weaver Larimer County
Susan Statz Larimer County
Jacque Frenier Morgan County
Adrianna Hernandez Arapahoe County
Lucinda Wayland Connelly Arapahoe County
Laura Carter-Beck Denver County
Kristin Melton Denver County
Matt Holtman El Paso County
Korey Elger El Paso County
Joey Brozek Fremont County
Korey Elger Fremont County
Suzy Morris Larimer County
Lorendia Schmidt Larimer County
Michelle Lopez Morgan County
Lorendia Schmidt Morgan County
Kari Daggett Division of Child Welfare
Ann Rosales Division of Child Welfare
Teri Bokn Division of Child Welfare
Sue Fetyko Administrative Review Division
Caire Krol Administrative Review Division
Marc Mackert Administrative Review Division
Alison Young Court Improvement Program
Gretchen Russo Office of Children, Youth and Families
Char Gibbons Consultant
Lynne Dupius Consultant
Jennifer O'Brien Consultant
Agendas & Minutes