CDHS Legislative Affairs

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CDHS's Legislative Affairs office develops the agency's legislative agenda in coordination with the executive director, deputy executive directors and executive management team. The office coordinates relationships with the legislative branch, community stakeholders and Colorado's counties.

Summaries of CDHS priority legislation

2021 General Assembly
  • Create a state Behavioral Health Administration
  • Transition age foster youth services
  • Recognition of foster homes certified by federally recognized tribes
  • Expand behavioral health transition specialist program
  • Colorado Children's Trust Fund Board updates
  • Adjust market rate study frequency
  • Public assistance burials technical change
  • Early Intervention evaluation responsibility changes
  • Modify child welfare provider rate requirements

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2019 General Assembly
  • Competency restoration package (SB19-222 and SB19-223) — Passed
  • Child welfare permanency planning (HB19-1219) — Passed
  • Aligning ICWA requirements (HB19-1232) — Passed
  • Child welfare prevention and intervention funding (SB19-258) — Passed
  • Child Support Commission recommendations (HB19-1215) — Passed
  • Time requirements for food stamp appeals (SB19-245) — Passed
  • Juvenile record expungements (HB19-1335) — Passed
  • Early childhood background checks (SB19-177) — Passed
  • Foster care prevention services (HB19-1308) — Passed


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There are currently no legislative reports to display. Reports will be added to this section as they become available.