DYS records requests

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Do you need to make a request for youth records? After reading the information provided below, please send your request to the Division of Youth Services Records Unit at cdhs_dys_records@state.co.us.

When a request for a record is received for any youth currently residing in or having previously resided in a DYS placement, the information request is processed through the Division of Youth Services (DYS) Records Unit.
There are six categories of information that can be requested for each youth. You may request one area or all six. The release of information is regulated through a signed authorized release form, according to all applicable state and federal laws. The form(s) must be completed in their entirety for each category of records you are requesting or the DYS Records Unit will be unable to process the request. Additionally, DYS does not accept compound releases, altered forms or any other release of information (ROI) other than our current HIPAA-compliant forms found below.
The six categories of records are:
  1. Authorization for disclosure of Confidential Education Records  | Spanish version
  2. Authorization for disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI)-Mental Health  | Spanish version
  3. Authorization for disclosure of Protected Health Information-Medical  | Spanish version
  4. Authorization for disclosure of Protected Health Information-Psychotherapy Notes  | Spanish version
  5. Authorization for disclosure of Confidential Substance Abuse Treatment Records  | Spanish version
  6. Consent for the release of Privileged and Confidential Information (general youth file information)  | Spanish version
Tips for completing a records request:
  • Authorize "DYS" or “Division of Youth Services” to release the records to you (the requester).  
  • Insert your client's physical address and phone number, even if they are in a youth center/jail/group home.
  • Insert the date range (rule of thumb: DYS does not accept youth under 10 years of age, therefore, enter their 10th birthday through “present” if you are requesting a full record set).
  • Medical, education, and/or treatment records are protected and require a signed release from the client whose records you are seeking.
  • The DYS Records Unit follows best practices and requires a legal guardian signature on every release of information (ROI) if the youth is between the ages of 12-17.
  • Education authorization tip: Be specific with what documents are being requested (i.e. transcripts, individualized educational plans (IEP), evaluations, certificates, etc.). At age 21, rights transfer to the student (unless parents(s) retain guardianship). At age 20, the school must inform the student of their rights. Therefore, if a student is between the age of 18 -21, and still receiving IEP services from a DYS youth center, the legal guardian must sign the confidential education records authorization.  
  • Substance Abuse authorization tip: Per 42 C.F.R. Part 2 (Code of Federal Regulations), check the box that indicates that your client received a copy of the confidential substance abuse treatment form. The form must be delivered to them if they did not receive a copy upon signing.
  • Indicate the legal guardian relationship on all authorizations where requested (i.e. parent, legal guardian, guardian ad litem, etc.). 
  • Insert your complete name, organization (if any), address and phone number, and email where indicated. If you are contracted, please list the name of the attorney who you are contracted with.

  • Please read the "expungement information" section and complete it in its entirety.  If you are a social worker or investigator, please insert the attorney of record’s name and we will send you the records as their agent. Do not alter this section as the language has been taken directly from the Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.).
  • Email the completed records request form(s) to cdhs_dys_records@state.co.us
Is there a charge to receive youth records?
Yes, on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018, the Division of Youth Services implemented a records request fee schedule. You can access the fee schedule by clicking here.

How can I pay for the records?
If you have received an invoice from the Records Unit, you can pay via credit card or virtual check through this link: click here.

What is the retention period for discharged youth records?
After a youth is discharged, all files are sent to the Digital Data Management System (DDMS) for storage. Information contained in each case file is maintained by the Records Unit until the youth turns 28 years of age at which time the records are securely destroyed. Education information (such as transcripts and GEDs) is kept indefinitely.
Questions? Here is how you can reach the DYS Records Unit:
You can contact the Records Unit at 719-225-5796 or by email at cdhs_dys_records@state.co.us