Mental Health Transitional Living Homes


Two photos: 1) Exterior photo of a row of houses; 2) A woman with her hand on the shoulder of a man

Mental Health Transitional Living (MHTL) Homes are part of a new program that will provide an added layer of services within the Colorado Department of Human Services' behavioral health continuum of care. These homes, which are run by the Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health, will be used as a transition to a less restrictive setting for individuals with severe mental health conditions. Clients may stay as long as necessary for stabilization with an ultimate goal of reintegrating clients successfully in the community. The focus is to provide continued support with social and life skills development, as well as assistance with other daily life activities based on the client’s individual needs.



The MHTL program is currently in development. OCFMH is preparing to open 18 state-run beds in homes in the community, as well as contracting a minimum of 107 beds to be run by outside entities. Below is a tentative timeline for next steps: 

  • 18 state-run beds are coming soon
  • 20 beds are expected to be contracted by March
  • 87 beds are expected to be contracted by July


Contact information

Bonnie Wright
Division Director, Mental Health Transitional Living Homes