Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

1427 West Rio Grande St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

(719) 385-3370

June 2020 Update: Please access the Stakeholder Guide for more information regarding the youth center transfer between Spring Creek Youth Services Center and Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center that took place in June 2020.

Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center (ZPYSC) is a state-owned and operated secure detention youth center within the Division of Youth Services (DYS). ZPYSC is a 27-bed youth center that provides secure detention within the Southern Region of Colorado. For secure detention services, the youth center serves the 4th Judicial District encompassing two counties, Teller and El Paso County.

Youth are detained at ZPYSC for one of two reasons: secure placement pending a court hearing, or to serve a detention sentence of up to 45 days. For youth in detention at ZPYSC, a risk and needs assessment is provided to the court to assist in the identification of possible services that would facilitate a successful transition back into the community.

Educational services at ZPYSC are provided by Colorado Springs School District 12. Educational opportunities include core subjects, elective subjects and vocational instruction. The education program fosters an environment in which at-risk youth can experience success by focusing on achievement in basic academic and pre-vocational skills. While in school youth have the ability to work on grade-level appropriate work for credit transferable to high school graduation or a GED. In the education program, students discover and explore ideas in ways that encourage internalization and ownership of the learning process.

Youth Served

Zebulon Pike serves male and female youth from 10-17 years of age.

Family Information
Youth Handbook, Educational Testing & Voting Rights

Visitation is an avenue to build and maintain healthy family and community relationships. Families of youth in the care of DYS are encouraged to visit the youth center. All visits require a scheduled appointment. You can request visitation by contacting the Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center Control Center at 719.329.6924.

Contact & Directions


Eugene Moore, Director(719) 385-3362Eugene.Moore@state.co.us
Shelley Burke, Assistant Director(719) 385-3374Shelley.Burke@state.co.us
Levi Middleton, Detention Clinical Director(719) 325-9250Levi.Middleton@state.co.us
Hayley Moran, Principal(719) 385-3383Hayley.Moran@state.co.us
Dolores Sianez-Terrazas, Program Assistant(719) 385-3364Dolores.Sianez-Terrazas@state.co.us
Alicia Reavis, Administrative Assistant(719) 385-3365Alicia.Reavis@state.co.us
Melissa Stapanowich, School Secretary (719) 385-3384Melissa.Stapanowich@state.co.us
Control(719) 385-3370 
Main(719) 385-3360 
Fax(719) 385-3369 


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1427 W. Rio Grande St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman - Phone Number: 720-625-8640, 1-866-276-8646 (toll-free number) - The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman helps youth and families address concerns about youth experiences and treatment while living in the Division of Youth Services (DYS) youth centers. The CPO is an independent state agency that investigates complaints and grievances about the Division of Youth Services and provides free and confidential assistance to anyone who calls.