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Reforms to behavioral health system in Colorado

Colorado's behavioral health system is in the process of transformation. The Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) is a new cabinet-level agency, housed within the Department of Human Services, designed to be the single entity responsible for driving coordination and collaboration across state agencies to address behavioral health needs. Many behavioral health programs such as crisis services, substance use treatment, and care coordination are now administered by the BHA.

Colorado's two Mental Health Institutes and the Forensic Services division will remain within the Office of Behavioral Health.

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About the Office of Behavioral Health

The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) provides strategy, oversight, monitoring and operation of two Colorado Mental Health Institutes, as well as a Forensic Services division. The term “behavioral health” refers to an individual’s mental and emotional well-being, development and actions that affect their overall wellness. Behavioral health problems and disorders include mental and substance use disorders.

Office of Behavioral Health organizational chart

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Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan (CMHIFL) is one of two state hospitals serving the mentally ill in Colorado. CMHIFL provides inpatient treatment to adult clients, generally between the ages of 18 and 59. The hospital has 94 adult inpatient beds, spread across four inpatient units or treatment teams. Medical services, occupational therapy, neuropsychological-rehabilitation services, and trauma-informed care services are available for all clients throughout the hospital.

Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP) is a 516-bed acute care psychiatric hospital that provides inpatient behavioral health services for adults, adolescents and geriatric patients. CMHIP is a forensic hospital that serves individuals with pending criminal charges who require evaluations of competency, individuals who have been found to be incompetent to proceed (restoration treatment) and individuals found to be not guilty by reason of insanity by Colorado's criminal courts.

Forensic Services

OBH's Forensic Services division provides evaluation, treatment and other services to the forensic population statewide. Forensic clients are individuals who are diagnosed with mental health disorders, involved in the criminal justice system, and are either currently incarcerated or living in the community. In order to best serve this population, OBH's Forensic Services team works across all settings, including the Mental Health Institutes, jails and the community.