Prairie Vista Youth Services Center


192 Bromley Business Parkway
Brighton, CO 80603

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Prairie Vista Youth Services Center (PRVYSC) is a State-operated 38-bed juvenile detention center located in Brighton, Colorado. The co-ed detention youth center serves youth ages 10-17 and opened on May 10, 2021. 

Prairie Vista Youth Services Center serves detention youth from Colorado's 17th Judicial District (JD). All youth are held while awaiting court appearances or serving short sentences of no more than 45 days. The mission of PRVYSC is to provide detention services in an environment that is safe, healthy, and secure for youth, staff, and the community.

Educational services are provided by on-site Brighton School District 27J teachers. Youth attend school year-round and earn school credits during their stay. Core classes taught are Language Arts, Science, Health, Social Studies, Math, and Physical Education. School hours are from 8:15 am to 2:25 pm.

Life skills programming, skill streaming, restorative justice activities, and cognitive-behavioral theory-based activities are provided to youth in the Division's care. Mental health services are provided on-site by Behavioral Health Specialists (BHS).

Youth Served

Youth residing in the youth center are male and female requiring secure detention and can range in age from 10 through 17.

Family Information
Youth Handbook

Visitation is an avenue to build and maintain healthy family and community relationships. Families of youth in the care of the Colorado Division of Youth Services are encouraged to visit the youth center. All visits require a scheduled appointment. You can request visitation by contacting the Prairie Vista YSC Control Center at 303.659.4450 ext. 200

Visitation Hours

Prairie Vista YSC Visitation Frequency & Hours

Contact & Directions


Jeff Blackmon, Director(303) 659-4450 ext. 203Jeff.Blackmon@state.co.us
Jamillah Rehman, Assistant Director((303)-659-4450jamillah.rehman@state.co.us
Pamela Grein, Admin Assistant III(303) 659-4450pamela.grein@state.co.us
Korina Gallegos, Program Assistant(303) 659-4450 ext. 205Korina.Gallegos@state.co.us
Bryanna Hetrick, Clinical Team Lead(303) 659-4450bryanna.hetrick@state.co.us
Kenlyn Newman, Brighton School District 27J Principal(303) 655-2957Kenlyn.Newman@state.co.us
Kerri Pachelo, Brighton School District 27J Registrar(303) 659-4450 ext. 211Kerri.Pachelo@state.co.us
Control(303) 659-4450 ext. 200 
Fax(303) 659-4453 


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192 Bromley Business Parkway
Brighton, CO 80603

The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman - Phone Number: 720-625-8640, 1-866-276-8646 (toll-free number) - The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman helps youth and families address concerns about youth experiences and treatment while living in the Division of Youth Services (DYS) youth centers. The CPO is an independent state agency that investigates complaints and grievances about the Division of Youth Services and provides free and confidential assistance to anyone who calls.