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DYS regional offices and administration

office and admin header

Regional offices

There are four regional offices within the Division of Youth Services that span across 64 counties and work in partnership with 22 judicial districts.

Regional offices are responsible for:

  • The development of local resources to meet the needs of youth and families as they transition from residential treatment back to their communities.
  • Oversight of the region's client management and parole systems,
  • Liaison and collaboration with local juvenile justice and human services agencies,
  • Representing the Division on local Collaborative Management (HB 04-1451) Projects, and
  • Collaboration and coordination with local judicial districts to administer the Colorado Youth Detention Continuum detention services programs.

In addition, regional offices negotiate contracts with residential and non-residential treatment providers, and monitor those programs for contract compliance and compliance with division policy and procedure.

Client management

Client Management is an overarching case management system for youth who are committed to the custody of the Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services. The Client Management system functions to:

  • Partner with families to ensure there is a family voice in decision making processes,
  • Guide youth through the commitment continuum from assessment through parole,
  • Develop treatment and supervision plans for each committed youth,
  • Monitor the youth progress in treatment through regular contact with program staff,
  • Present the youth's community treatment plan to the Community Review Board when community-based programming is prescribed,
  • Prepare the Parole Plan and present the plan with the youth before the Juvenile Parole Board,
  • Procure transition and parole services for youth upon community transition,
  • Supervise and monitor each youth's progress while on parole, and,
  • Advocate for the needs of the youth in their care.
Transition and parole services

Residential and non-residential service providers provide support and supervision to youth as they transition out of DYC care and back to their families and communities. Services include Multi-Systemic Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, individual and family therapy, substance abuse counseling, tracking, mentoring, offense-specific therapy, independent living skills, anger management skills, parenting skills training and links to sustainable community resources. Client Managers within each region oversee these services and are responsible for ensuring that the needs of each youth are met and that community safety is maintained.

Map of judicial districts, regions and facility locations
DYC Regions w JDs & Facilities 10-2019

Contact information

DYS administration and support offices


Director's Office
4255 S. Knox Ct., Denver, CO 80236

Anders Jacobson, Director(303)
Al Estrada, Associate Director(303)
Natalie Chrastil, Associate Director(303)
Kristen Withrow, Associate Director(303)
Sara Kahat, Office Manager(303)
Edwin Rodriguez, Program Assistant(303)
DYS Voice Line(303) 866-7005 
Critical I Incident Cell  (DOES NOT ACCEPT TEXT MESSAGES)(720) 822-9217 
Video Conference Room A(303) 866-7674 
Video Conference Room B(303) 866-7202 
Fax(303) 866-7344 

Capital and Financial

4255 S. Knox Ct., Denver, CO 80236

Monique Maurice, Director of Financial Services(303)
Erin Downing, Budget Analyst(303)
Teresa (Tessa) Rael, IV-E Coordinator(303)
Markus Robinson, Contract Admin(303)
Denise Parmley, Senior Budget Analyst(303)
Michelle Duran, Program Assistant II
Patricia Holguin, Budget Analyst II
Fax(303) 866-7344 

Client Services

4141 S. Julian Way, Denver, CO 80236

Julia Dawson, Client Services Coordinator(303)
Jeremy Hall, Training Specialist IV(303)
Valerie Hansen, Training Specialist IV(720)
Fax(303) 866-7344 

Communications and Records

4255 S. Knox Ct., Denver, CO 80236

Heidi Bauer, Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs(303)
Gail Andrews, Marketing and Communications Manager(303)
Andrea Burmann, Records Specialist(719)
Angela Scadden, Records Specialist(303)
Fax(303) 866-7344 
Records Requests

Youth Center Operations

4255 S. Knox Ct., Denver, CO 80236

Charles Tyous, Director of Youth Center Operations
Maricela Shull, Director of Youth Center Operations
Kimberly Rumley-Cranwill, Director of Youth Center Operations
(303) 866-7689 (office)
Diane Skufca, Director of Youth Center Operations
(303) 866-7955 (office)
(720) 237-5585 (cell)
Taylor Garza, Youth and Staff Safety Coordinator
Cynthia Owen, Director of Contract Program Monitoring(303) 921-6286 
Michael McAuliffe, Policy Coordinator
Marina Patzke, Human Resources Liaison(303)
Jose Guzman, Criminal Investigator  
Fax(303) 866-7344 

Media Relations, Public Information/Media Requests

1575 Sherman St., 8th Floor, Denver, CO 80203

CDHS Communications(303) 866-3411 
Fax(303) 866-4047 

Data Management and Analysis

4141 S. Julian Way, Denver, CO 80236

Kelli Burmeister, Director(303)
Sally Hill, Senior Analyst(303)
Rebecca Eman, Analyst(303)
Rashaun Esposito, Analyst(303)
Rita Dasari, Data Manager(303)
Vacant, Analyst(303) 866-7082 
Elisa Lambert, Juvenile Justice Resource Analyst
Hussain Quadri, Juvenile Justice Resource Analyst
Fax(303) 866-7930 

Victim Notification Program

4141 S. Julian Way, Denver, CO 80236

Spiro Koinis, Victim Services/RCJ Coordinator(303)
Mike Caires, RCJ Specialist(720)
Fax(303) 866-7383 

Behavioral Health & Medical Services

4131S. Julian Way, Denver, CO 80236

After Hours &, Weekend Medical Calls(720) 450-9657 or (720) 259-5308 
Ashley Tunstall, Director of Behavioral Health and Medical Services(303) 866-7967(office) (303) 834-0680 (cell)
Dr. Herb Parris, DYS Medical Director(303)
Dr. Trinny Brown, DYS Dentist(303)
Teresa Mayer, CHP, DYS Psychiatric Medical Coordinator (720)
Adrienne Grolbert, Quality Review Coordinator(720)
Brian Bungum. EHR Manager(303)
Sandy Koves, Nurse III(720)
Allan Hutcheson, Nurse III(720)
Amelia Wright, Health Professional III(720)
Yetunde Kuforiji, Medical Operations Coordinator(720)
Jonelle Sandel, PES Neuropsychological Services Coordinator(303)
Carl Blake, Sex Offense Specific and Assessment Services Coordinator(303)
Cherise L. Wells, Assistant Director, Detention Services(719)
Alexis Lewis, Clinical Director Supervisor
Brynna Hetrick, Clinical Director (GYSC &, MWFYSC)(720)
Katie Hund, Clinical Director (MFYSC & GYSC)(720)
Levi Middleton, Clinical Director, (PYSC &, ZPYSC)(719)
Lindsey Shackleford, Clinical Director (PRVYSC & RMYSC)(303)
Elisa Hicks, NCCHC Coordinator(303)
Lisa Gibson, Administrator(303)
VACANT,  Assistant Director, Commitment Services(303) 704-0326 
Lora Kopp-Mahluza, Clinical Director Supervisor(720)
Fax(303) 866-7383 

Youth Center Medical Clinics

Prairie Vista(303) 659-4450 ext. 210
Gilliam(303) 291-8957
Grand Mesa(970) 242-1521 ext. 131
Lookout Mountain(303) 273-2738
Marvin Foote(303) 768-7560
Mount View(303) 987-4546
Platte Valley(970) 304-6235
Pueblo(719) 546-4959
Spring Creek(719) 390-2736
Zebulon Pike(719) 385-3376


Behavioral Health & Medical Services Assessment Units

Central Region

7866 W. Mansfield Pkwy, Bldg. 62, Denver, CO 80235

Jennifer Leonard, Assessment Services Coordinator(303)
Melissa Campe, CR Assessment Supervisor(303)
Greg Hisscock, Assessment Specialist(720)
Richard Champion, Assessment Specialist(303)
Vacant, Assessment Specialist(303) 987-4523 
Christine Tyler, Assessment Specialist(303)
Dana Marquez, Legal Specialist(303)
Jenny Agbortogho, Psychologist(303)
Marisa Black, Psychologist(303)
Robin Gemoya, Assessment Program Assistant(970) 241-4886 ext.
Jannae Bratcher, Psychologist(303)
Fax(303) 987-4632 

Southern Region

321 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Brian Koch, SR Assessment Supervisor(719)
VACANT, Assessment Specialist(719) 922-3576 
Fax(719) 538-0210 

Northeast Region

710 11th Ave., Greeley, CO 80631

Ingrid Groover, Assessment Specialist(970)
Maggie Werhman, Assessment Specialist(970)
Fax(970) 336-0848 

Western Region

801 Grand Ave., Grand Junction, CO 81501

Theresa Bruner-Leydens, WR Assessment Supervisor(970) 241-4886 ext.
Matt Sena, Assessment Specialist(970) 241-4886 ext.
Julie Forster, Commitment/Legal Specialist(970) 241-4886 ext.
Lori Meyers, Commitment/Legal Specialist(970) 241-4886 ext.
Fax(970) 241-1922 

Education Services

4255 S. Knox Ct., Denver, CO 80236

Erin Osterhaus, Director(303)
Kelly Engberg-Balderston, Special Education Director(303)
Michelle Angle, Educational Coordinator(720)
Michael Quinn, CTE Coordinator(303)
Irwin Faaiu, Educational Coordinator(303)
Cyndi Kuhn, MTSS/Instructional Coach(303)
Lisa Martin, Special Projects &, QAYS Education(720)
Patrick Kane, CTE Coordinator(303)
Vacant, Program Assistant(303) 866-7973 
Traci Trace, Tech VI(303)
Fax(303) 866-7344 

Food Services

2901 Ford St., Golden, CO 80401

Scott Cass, Food Service Director(303)
Kathleen Colvin, Dietitian(303)
Ratha Chiwapong, Program Assistant(303)
Rafaela Esteves, Program Assistant

CYDC - CO Youth Detention Continuum

4143S. Julian Way, Denver, CO 80236

Matt Friesen, CYDC Statewide Coordinator(303)
Tiffany Maestas, Program Assistant(303)
Brooke Montelongo, Deputy Compact Administrator(970)
Danielle Dyvig, Statewide CYDC Evaluator(303)
Fax(303) 866-7930 

Staff Development

3900 S. Carr St., Bldg. #80, Denver, CO 80235

DYS Training Center, (Building 75)(303) 987-4630 
John Ferullo, Director(303)
Jack Sandoval, Trainer(303)
Mike Walter, Trainer(303)
Jeremy Pierce, Trainer(303)
Shawna Garcia, Trainer(719)
Vacant, Trainer(303) 987-4620 
Ashleigh Cross, Trainer(303)
Karen Sjursen, Trainer(303)
Heather Santino, Trainer(303)
Travis Hansen, Trainer (Western Region Office)(970)
Judy James, Program Assistant(303)
Fax(303) 987-4629 

Systems Administration

4255 S. Knox Court, Denver, CO 80236

Kerry Marten, Director of Systems Administration & Management(720)
Amanda Launer, Systems Administrator/Trails Lead(303)
Fax(303) 866-7344 

For General Questions or assistance please contact Heidi Bauer, Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs, at or (303) 866-7335.

Central Region
Central Region

4120 S.Julian Way
Denver, CO 80236

Contact Information

NameBuilding #PhoneCell PhoneE-Mail
Tammy Schneiderman, Regional Director28(303) 866-7068(303)
Krista Husak, Assistant Director27 (303)
Dawn Di Clementi, Program Assistant28(720) 541-0572
Nicole Chamblin, Program Manager28(303) 866-7265
Jorge Aleman, Program Mgr27 (303)
Shana Cunnane, Program Mgr / CM Supervisor29(303) 945-9753
Robi Khamvilli, Program Mgr / Adm. Asst. Supervisor28(303) 704-6679
Chad Pedigo, Program Mgr / CM Supervisor29(303) 503-7789
Selena Jameson, Program Mgr / CM Supervisor27 (303)
Vacant, Admin. Assistant27(303) 815-7838  
Elisa Sanchez, Admin. Assistant III28(303) 866-7850  
Teresa Lister, Admin. Assistant29(303) 866-7867
Critical Incident I Cell Phone  (303) 919-0393 
Main Office Number (Critical Incident II) (303) 866-7850  

Client Managers/Parole Officers

NameBuilding #PhoneCell PhoneE-mail
Blackwell, Eddie29 (303)
Borunda, Jessica27 (303)
Custer, Ross (Chip)27 (303)
Friedman, Martin29 (303)
Conner, Stephanie27 (303)
Gottbehuet, Champaign27 (303)
Halstead, Jessica29 (303)
Huffman, Tom29 (303)
Hunt, Jelani27 (303)
Kelley, Lynn27 (303)
Kloosterman, Todd29 (303)
Lopez-Nava, Jose29 (303)
McKissack, Jan29 (303)
Navarro-Conger, Leslie29 (303)
Peterson, Chuck29 (303)
Phason, Anika29 (303)
Powell, Roger27 (303)
Small, Cheronda29 (303)
Stephens, Sharon29 (303)
Woolfolk, Kimberly27 (303)
Building 27 Fax27 (303) 866-7929 
Building 28 Fax28 (303) 866-7818 
Building 29 Fax29 (303) 866-7866 

Northeast Region
Northeast Region

700 West 84th Avenue, Suite 700
Thornton, CO 80260

Contact Information

Maria Campos, Regional Director(720)
Richard Knight, Program Manager(303)
Tyler Fittz, Program Manager(970)
Joleen Stanczyk, Program Assistant(303)
Kathryn Hauge, Administrative Assistant(720)
Sherri Lenz, Administrative Assistant(303)
Fax(303) 426-7157 
Critical Incident Phone Line(720) 600-3521 

Client Managers/Parole Officers

Thornton Office - 700 West 84th Avenue, Suite 700, Thornton, CO 80260

April Alvarez (Supervisor)
(970) 698-0021
(303) 815-9921
Jessica Chavez(303)
Daisy Stewart
(303) 416-0394
Mario Villegas
(720) 552-7555
(303) 426-7157
Conference Room
(303) 426-4483

Greeley Office - 710 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 101, Greeley, CO 80631

Frank Diaz (Supervisor)(303)
Jennifer Gunnarson-Scott(970)
Lindsay Knight(970)
John Lobato(970)
Colleen Schott(970)
Fax(970) 336-0848 

Fort. Collins Office - 2629 Redwing Road, Suite 135, Fort. Collins, CO 80525

Frank Diaz (Supervisor)(303)
Don Smith(970)
Fax(970) 223-8715 

Boulder IMPACT - 1777 6th St. Boulder, CO 80302

Maggie Raymor (Supervisor)
(720) 564-2581 (office)
(720) 454-0710 (cell)
Dallas Mangino  
Fax(303) 441-1517 

Southern Region
Southern Region


2864 S. Circle Drive, Third floor, Suite 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Contact Information

Connie Peterson, Regional Director(719)
Brenda Wychulis, Program Manager/Contracts(719)
Ivett Ruiz, Program Manager/Transition(719)
Sara Champlin, Program Assistant(719)
Suzanne Caldwell, Administrative Assistant(719)
Luci Giffen, Administrative Assistant(719)
Critical Incident Cell Phone(719) 306-3194 
Video Conference Room(719) 538-0204 
Fax(719) 538-0210 

Client Managers/Parole Officers

Springs Office - 2864 S. Circle Drive, Third floor, Suite 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Kelly Crittenden (Supervisor)(719)
Evan Hess(719)
Robert Ramos(719)
Shawn Robinson(719)
Stephen Scippio(719)
Karen Downs(719)
Fax(719) 538-0210 

CMHIP - 1600 W. 24th St., Pueblo CO 81003

Nicole Lator (Supervisor)(719)
Kristin Wallace(719)
Jayme Ikelman(719) 828-4630Jayme
Rodriguez, Antonio(719)
Fax(719) 546-4806 

Western Region

801 Grand Ave., Grand Junction CO 81501

Western Region

Contact Information

Dave Lee, Regional Director(970) 241-4886, ext.
Vacant, Program Monitor(970) 241-4886, ext. 116 
Autumn Sjolund, Contact Manager/Transition Coordinator(970) 241-4886 ext.
Robin Gemoya, Commitment Specialist(303)
Peggy Miller, Program Assistant(970) 241-4886, ext.
Travis Hensen, Training Specialist(970) 241-4886, ext
Anthony Torres, Administrative Assistant(970) 241-4886, ext.
Sandy Conway, Program Monitor(970) 241-4886, ext 118 
Critical Incident On Call(970) 773-3642 
Video Conference Room A(970) 241-4886, ext. 127 
Video Conference Room B(970) 241-4886, ext. 119 
Fax(970) 241-1922 

Client Managers/Parole Officers

Melissa Lovato (Supervisor)(970) 241-4886, ext.
LaDonna Cruson(970) 241-4886, ext.
Ruben Sandoval(970) 241-4886, ext.
Sam Barnes(970) 241-4886, ext.
Nycole Power(970) 241-4886, ext.