Contact the Colorado Department of Human Services

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General contact information

Colorado Department of Human Services
1575 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203
Phone 303.866.5700 | Fax 303.866.5563

County contact information

Many of CDHS's programs, benefits and services are administered by county human services departments. Use our clickable map to find county contact information.


Office contact information

Office of Adult, Aging and Disability Services
General inquiries

Phone: 720.737.4909

Adult Protective Services

Email: cdhs_aps_questions@state.co.us

Disability Determination Services

Phone: 303.368.4100

Fax: 303.752.5692

Regional Centers

Phone: 303.866.3671

Veterans Community Living Centers

Phone: 303.866.6425

State Unit on Aging

Phone: 303.866.2800

Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind

Phone: 720.457.3679

Email: office.ccdhhdb@state.co.us

Mindsource Brain Injury Network

Phone: 720.591.6793

Office of Children, Youth and Families
General inquiries

Phone: 303.866.4119

Division of Child Welfare

Phone: 303.866.5932

Domestic Violence Program

Phone: 303.866.3150

If you are in immediate danger, dial 911. Search for direct assistance locations with the Domestic Violence Assistance Search.

Division of Youth Services

Phone: 303.866.7956

Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health
General inquiries

Email: cdhs_ocfmh_info@state.co.us

Office of Economic Security
General inquiries

Phone: 303.866.5368

Food and Energy Assistance

Phone: 800.536.5298

Fax: 303.866.5098

TDD: 303.866.6293

Child Support Services

Find your county's child support contact on the Child Support Services website.

Employment and Workforce Support

Phone: 800.536.5298

Fax: 303.866.5098

Email: CDHS_DEWS_Policy_Inbox@state.co.us

Administrative Solutions
General inquiries

Phone: 303.866.5890


Facility contact information

Mental Health Hospitals
Colorado Mental Health Hospital in Fort Logan

3520 W. Oxford Ave.
Denver, CO 80236

Phone: 303.866.7066

Fax: 303.866.7048

Admissions: 303.866.7031

Medical Records: 303.866.7040

Patient Representative: 303.866.7079

Email: sheridan.garcia@state.co.us

Colorado Mental Health Hospital in Pueblo

1600 W. 24th St.
Pueblo, CO 81003

Phone: 719.546.4000

Admissions: 719.546.4406

Medical Records: 719.546.4184

Patient Representative: 719.546.4034

Email: cdhs_cmhip.info@state.co.us

Regional Centers
Grand Junction Regional Center

703 23 2/10 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Phone: 970.245.2100

Pueblo Regional Center

270 W. John Powell Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO 81007

Phone: 719.585.4001

Wheat Ridge Regional Center

10285 Ridge Rd.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Phone: 303.463.2500

Veterans Community Living Centers
Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons

1919 Quentin St.
Aurora, CO 80045

Phone: 720.857.6400

Fax: 720.857.6500

Email: CDHS_veteranshome_fitzsimons@state.co.us

Bruce McCandless Veterans Community Living Center at Florence

903 Moore Dr.
Florence, CO 81226

Phone: 800.283.2668 or 719.784.6331

Fax: 719.784.5335

Email: CDHS_veteranshome_fitzsimons@state.co.us

Veterans Community Living Center at Homelake

3749 Sherman Ave.
Monte Vista, CO 81144

P.O. Box 97
Homelake, CO 81135

Phone: 888.838.2687 or 719.852.5118

Fax: 719.852.3881

Email: CDHS_csvc_homelake@state.co.us

Veterans Community Living Center at Rifle

851 E. 5th St.
Rifle, CO 81650

Phone: 800.828.4580 or 970.625.0842

Fax: 970.625.3706

Email: veteranshome.rifle@state.co.us

Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center at Walsenburg

23500 U.S. Hwy. 160
Walsenburg, CO 81089

Phone: 800.645.8387 or 719.738.5000

Fax: 719.738.5138

Email: csvnhadmissions@sprhc.org

Youth Services Centers

DYS Client Management Offices and Administrative Support Offices

Aspire Youth Services Center

2901 Ford St.
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.273.2600

Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center

7862 W. Mansfield Pkwy.
Denver, CO 80235


Clear Creek Youth Services Center

2901 Ford St.
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.273.2600

Gilliam Youth Services Center

2844 Downing St.
Denver, CO 80205


Golden Peak Youth Services Center

2901 Ford St.
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.273.2600

Grand Mesa Youth Services Center

360 28 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81501


Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center

13500 E. Fremont Pl.
Centennial, CO 80112


Mount View Youth Services Center

7862 W. Mansfield Pkwy.
Denver, CO 80235


Platte Valley Youth Services Center

2200 O St.
Greeley, CO 80631


Prairie Vista Youth Services Center

192 Bromley Business Pkwy.
Brighton, CO 80603

Phone: 303.659.4450 ext. 200

Pueblo Youth Services Center

1406 W. 17th St.
Pueblo, CO 81003

719.546.4915 or 719.546.4940

Rocky Mountain Youth Services Center

7862 W. Mansfield Pkwy.
Denver, CO 80235


Spring Creek Youth Services Center

3190 E. Las Vegas
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Summit Peak Youth Services Center

2901 Ford St.
Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303.273.2600

Willow Point Youth Services Center

7862 W. Mansfield Pkwy.
Denver, CO 80235


Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

1427 W. Rio Grande
Colorado Springs, CO 80906




The Colorado Department of Human Services' top priority is to meet the needs of those we serve. We work hard to provide our clients with excellent customer care, and your experience with our team matters. If you have a concern or complaint, we will do our best to assist you. We have a philosophy of attempting to resolve issues at the local level, so reaching out to your county first may result in resolving issues in a more timely manner. However, should you need additional assistance with a concern or complaint, CDHS's Client Services is happy to assist.

In alignment with the State Board of Human Services' recommendations, we emphasize that retaliation or retribution against individuals filing grievances is strictly prohibited by law. Additionally, discrimination in any form is illegal, and all individuals, regardless of background or status, have the right to file a grievance without fear of repercussion. We are particularly attentive to the concerns of vulnerable populations within our community and strive to ensure that they feel safe and supported in accessing our child welfare system and other services. You can submit a complaint by filling out one of the forms in the expandable sections below, by emailing cdhs_clientservices@state.co.us, or by calling 303.866.3275.

General complaints

General complaints include complaints in the following categories:

  • Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health
  • Office of Children, Youth and Families
  • Child Support Services
  • Domestic Violence Program
  • Foster care
  • Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)
  • Old Age Pension
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Colorado Works (TANF)
  • Veterans Community Living Centers
  • Website accessibility

If your complaint is in one of the areas listed above, please contact Client Services via one of the following methods:

Online: Fill out the complaint form in English or Spanish

Phone: 303.866.3275

  • IMPORTANT: If you have concerns regarding a notice from Maximus about MOVEit data security incident, please call 1.833.919.4749 or visit this page for more information.

E-mail: cdhs_clientservices@state.co.us

Child welfare complaints

If you are concerned about a child or youth's safety and well-being, please call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 844-CO-4-KIDS. Call 9-1-1 if there is an immediate threat.

Child welfare complaints

Please contact your county human services department.

Further assistance

If you have contacted your county regarding your child welfare concern but need further assistance from the state, please fill out the Child Welfare Complaint form in English or Spanish.

County child welfare complaints

A complaint about Colorado county child welfare practice or a 24-hour facility licensed by the Division of Child Welfare should be sent to CDHS. Fill out the Child Welfare complaint form below or contact Client Services:

Appeal a finding

To appeal a finding, please contact CAMDRS at 303.866.4546.

Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman

The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman is required by the legislature to serve as an independent state agency that investigates complaints and grievances about child protection services, seek and recommend system improvements and serve as a resource.

Complaints involving the courts and the judicial system

Complaints involving the courts and the judicial system should be made to each respective office.  Complaints involving the Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney Special Advocate or Child's Representative should be made to the Colorado Office of the Child's Representative.  Complaints about Respondent Parent Attorneys should be made to the Colorado Office of Respondent Parent Counsel

Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind complaints

To share a concern or complaint regarding the Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind (CCDHHDB), please fill out the CCDHHDB Complaint Form.

To report fraud

CDHS is committed to discovering and addressing fraud, waste and abuse. CDHS's jurisdiction encompasses inappropriate activity by internal employees, contractors and grant recipients, which may include counties as well as private businesses and non-profit entities. Click here to report fraud.


Media inquiries

Please direct media inquiries to:

Jordan Saenz
Deputy Director of Communications


Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests

CDHS is committed to transparency and open government. CDHS complies in all respects with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) and meets all of its constitutional and statutory duties to the people of Colorado in an orderly and expeditious manner. You can submit a CORA request by email or mail:


Colorado Department of Human Services
Attn: CORA manager
1575 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203

View our current CORA policy.

Government agencies requesting records pertaining to Child Protective Services should contact the county in which the client resided.

To make a CORA request with the Colorado State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program or the PACE Ombudsman Program, email cdhs_ltcombudsman@state.co.us.


Executive director speaking requests

To invite CDHS Executive Director Michelle Barnes to speak at your event, please fill out the CDHS executive director request form