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Overall Treatment

The Campus at Mount View contains three youth centers on the grounds: Willow Point Youth Services Center, Rocky Mountain Youth Services Center, and Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center.

Programming at The Campus at Mount View (CAMV) includes long-term treatment for boys; long-term treatment for girls; and the Endeavour program. In accordance with the DYS Treatment Model, all detained and committed youth at each youth center are assigned a Behavioral Health Specialist who provides individual therapy each week. They also attend at least three treatment groups every week. Unit security staff also offer organized psychoeducational and problem-solving groups. As part of treatment, the youth center utilizes a number of evidence-based curriculums for detained and committed youth, including Getting Motivated for Change, Handling Difficult Feelings, Start Now, Voices, and Beyond Trauma. Clinicians provide crisis management as needed. Also, CAMV offers a monthly Family Orientation Group for families/natural supports who have a child committed to DYS.

Level System

The Campus at Mount View’s behavior management program, P.E.A.K., is applicable to all detained and committed youth. P.E.A.K. stands for Participate Safely, Express Care and Respect, Accept Accountability, and Know and Use Your Skills. The program focuses on behavior, goal setting, strengths, teaching skills, and the use of positive reinforcement through a level system. The youth may move forward through the levels based on positive participation in school, maintaining positive interpersonal relationships with staff and peers, and active participation in treatment including group and individual therapy. Youth also are required to successfully complete level packets. Behavioral Health, Education, and security staff work collaboratively to evaluate each youth’s readiness to move to the next level of the P.E.A.K Program. Each progressive level affords youth increased incentives and privileges.

Secondary Education Program  

Colorado State teachers provide educational programming for youth on committed status. Jefferson County School District teachers provide educational programming for youth on detained status. School is a major part of the total facility program and the school welcomes all students to take advantage of increasing their learning power.

Students attend school daily, year-round, with a focus on all core content areas as well as life skills and various elective opportunities. Students will receive educational credits that can be transferred to their next educational placement. Students who complete all elements of the Mount View graduation criteria will be eligible for their Diploma. Graduation ceremonies take place at various times throughout the year. 

Committed students who do not have sufficient high school credits and have been deemed appropriate by the principal, along with the Education Central Office, may begin preparing for the GED. Students who display the needed skills on practice exams will be given the opportunity to take all of the required exams for their GED. 

Postsecondary/Career and Technical Education Programming

Committed students who have earned their diploma or GED will be enrolled in our Postsecondary/CTE Program. Currently, the program offers students the opportunity to participate in Barbering, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, and various online certifications including OSHA, Hospitality and Resort Management, and many others. Students may also have the opportunity to be enrolled in online college courses for college credit. 

Vocational Opportunities

Vocational programming (food services, maintenance work crew, etc.) is offered on campus. In order to participate in any service youth must first complete a job application. To participate in these programs, youths’ MDT must be in agreement. If youth have completed their high school diploma or GED, they are eligible to participate in these programs and receive wages that are held in an account until discharge. 

Youth Served

  • Age range 10-20 years old
  • Male and female population
Family Information
Youth Handbook, Educational Testing & Voting Rights

Visitation is an avenue to build and maintain healthy family and community relationships. Families of youth in the care of DYS are encouraged to visit the facility. All visits require a scheduled appointment. You can request visitation by contacting The Campus at Mount View's Control Center at (303) 987-4525.

Visitation Hours

The Campus at Mount View Visitation Frequency & Hours

Contact & Directions


Campus at Mount View Youth Services Center

Taylor Lemuz, Director-Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center (720) 656-9263 taylor.lemuz@state.co.us
Samantha Wilson, Director-Rocky Mountain Youth Services Center (720) 653-4096 Samantha.Wilson@state.co.us
Vacant, Clinical Director    
Vacant, Clinical Director (Committed) (303) 987-4539  
Jim Sexton, Assistant Director - Rocky Mountain Youth Services Center (303) 987-4597 Jim.Sexton@state.co.us
Brian Dale, Principal Betty K. Marler   brian.dale@state.co.us
Jill Sherepita, Assistant Director - Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center (303) 987-4501 Jill.Sherepita@state.co.us
Marcelle Irvine, Principal (303) 987-4574


Jason Vastola, Program Assistant for Education Services (303) 987-4565 Jason.Vastola@state.co.us
VACANT, Program Assistant (303) 987-4576  
VACANT, Program Assistant (303) 987-4544  
Lindsay Selover, DYS Transportation Supervisor (303) 987-4566 Lindsay.Selover@state.co.us
Dr. Christopher Lee, Jefferson County School District Principal (303) 987-4578 Christopher.j.Lee@state.co.us
Kristin Lewis, Jefferson County School District Secretary (303) 987-4575 Kristen.Lewis@state.co.us
Korina Gallegos, Program Assistant (720) 963-5020 Korina.Gallegos@state.co.us
Control (303) 987-4525  
Fax (303) 987-4538  

Front Range Assessment at The Campus at Mount View

Jennifer Leonard, Assessment Program Manager (303) 987-4586 Jennifer.Leonard@state.co.us
Debbie Smart, Assessment Program Assistant (303) 987-4639 Debra.Smart@state.co.us
Melissa Campe, CR Assessment Supervisor (303) 987-4560 Melissa.Campe@state.co.us
Richard Champion, Assessment Specialist  (303) 987-4531 Richard.Champion@state.co.us
Jessica Eden, Assessment Specialist  (303) 987-4523 Jessica.Eden@state.co.us
Greg Kisscock, Assessment Specialist  (720) 525-8315 Greg.Hisscock@state.co.us
Christine Tyler, Assessment Specialist  (303) 987-4561 Christine.Tyler@state.co.us
Dana Marquez, Legal Specialist (303) 987-4601 Dana.Marquez@state.co.us
Jenny Agbortogho, Psychologist (303) 987-4540 Jenny.Agbortogho@state.co.us
Marisa Black, Psychologist (303) 987-4562 Marisa.Black@state.co.us
Fax (303) 987-4632  


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The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman - Phone Number: 720-625-8640, 1-866-276-8646 (toll-free number) - The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman helps youth and families address concerns about youth experiences and treatment while living in the Division of Youth Services (DYS) youth centers. The CPO is an independent state agency that investigates complaints and grievances about the Division of Youth Services and provides free and confidential assistance to anyone who calls.