Performance, outcomes and reviews

The work done by CDHS and its county partners undergoes review by a number of entities. Below are the ways we ensure we are doing the best work possible to help Coloradans thrive.


The Division of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement (QA/QI) is dedicated to the monitoring and assessment of mission-critical programs, services and facilities across CDHS.

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Performance management

CDHS's Performance Management Division advises and assists agency leaders by using data analysis and strategic planning to drive strategy to improve human services outcomes in Colorado.

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Performance plan

CDHS prepares an annual performance plan to outline the goals and activities to be undertaken in the coming state fiscal year. Its contents are a reflection of the vision of the department.

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Ombudsman offices

The Child Protection Ombudsman, Behavioral Health Ombudsman and Long-Term Care Ombudsman offices provide independent oversight of various aspects of CDHS's work. Learn more about each ombudsman office here.