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CDHS administers several types of boards and commissions, including the State Board of Human Services, governor-appointed boards and commissions, and internal boards and commissions. Learn more about each type below, and follow the links to view all of the boards and commissions administered by CDHS.

The State Board of Human Services is a rule-making body that holds hearings on the formulation and revision of CDHS policies. Its duties include adopting rules for programs and services managed by CDHS.

Governor-appointed boards and commissions are created by the Colorado General Assembly, the governor, and/or federal statutes. Members are usually appointed by the governor and/or General Assembly leadership.

Internal boards and commissions are groups usually created by CDHS, although some are established through statute. They advise CDHS on issues as defined by their respective enabling documents.

CDHS's Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) provides a formal forum for counties and the state to work together to make recommendations about policy changes that improve service delivery for Coloradans.

Handbooks and guides are available for members of CDHS's boards and commissions. Additionally, all members must complete the required online training and brief quiz, which are available on our resources page.

CDHS's public meeting calendar includes meeting information for the State Board of Human Services, governor-appointed and internal boards and commissions, and the Policy Advisory Committee.

Open positions

Visit this page to view current openings on CDHS boards and commissions.

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Kyle Zinth

State Board and Boards & Commissions Administrator