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New director and tribal sovereignty training
New director and tribal sovereignty training

The new directors and tribal sovereignty training is in the process of being developed. We will spotlight this training section once it's completed. In the meantime, Community Partnerships would like to share the following training videos that were recorded as part of the Fall 2021 New Director Training:

  • Community Partnerships (9/16/21) Video recording (19:24 min)
  • Employment and Benefits Division, Office of Economic Security (9/17/21) Video recording (18:30 min)
  • Division of Child Welfare, Office of Children Youth and Families (9/20/21) Video recording (31:24 min)
  • ​Child Support Services, Office of Economic Security (9/27/21) Video recording (21:07 min)
  • ​​​Settlement Accounting (10/8/21) Video recording (17:44 min)
  • ​Audit/QA (10/8/21) Video recording (12:45 min)
  • ​​Food & Energy Assistance Division (FEAD), Office of Economic Security (10/14/21) Video recording (22:52 min)
  • ​Emergency Management (10/19/21) Video recording (11:49 min)
  • ​​​​Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) (10/26/21) Video recording (15:41 min)
  • ​Legislative (10/29/21) Video recording (48:07 min)
  • ​Child Care Licensing (10/29/21) Video recording (22:27 min)

You can also view this document that lists each program, the associated staff, and links to each training video recording as well as other program-specific resources.

If you have any questions regarding new director training, please contact:

​​​​​​Laura Miller, County Liaison Supervisor 
Nicole Miera, County and Tribal Liaison
Adelaide Naughton, County and Client Services Liaison

Staff Development Center
About the Program

Colorado's Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center (SDC) provides training to staff working with families who are accessing medical and other types of public assistance, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, CHP+, Aging and Adult Services, and Colorado Works (also know as TANF). The SDC is the training connection between CDHS, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology to the 64 county departments of social/human services, as well as medical assistance, presumptive eligibility and certified application assistance sites for Medicaid/CHP+ throughout Colorado. The SDC is tasked with identifying essential training needs and establishing, facilitating and maintaining integrated competency-based training curricula while continually evaluating results. The following training programs can also be found here.

CBMS Access - The state of Colorado Departments of Human Services, Health Care Policy and Financing, and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology are responsible for ensuring that comprehensive training is provided for staff, including contract staff, getting access to and/or updating the CBMS Production Environment. Due to the sensitivity of information in CBMS and the functionality that allows benefits and services to be issued to Coloradoans, users must receive training prior to accessing or updating the CBMS Production Environment. The CBMS Access training is the first training component. Additional training courses may be required depending on the user’s role and level of CBMS access. Read more here

CBMS Build Training - Our Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) is always improving. Each CBMS Build targets issues and improvements you need to know about. Read more about the support guides for recent CBMS Builds provided by your Staff Development Center (SDC) here. CBMS training requirements can be found here.

The Document Library provided by SDC can be found here.  

COLearn is the Learning Management System (LMS) used to access the Health Care and Economic Security Staff Development Center’s instructor led and web based training. Read more logging in to the CO.Learn LMS, CO.Learn Q&A, and CO.Train Records, and training plans here.

Read about training locations, facility, and weather information here

Transformation Phase II - Information about the Phase II VILT Facilitator Guides can be found here

Training Plans for New Eligibility Workers and MA Site Workers can be found here

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Training Modules

Module 1 Why is EDI Important (45 minutes)
Module 2 What is EDI (45 minutes)
Module 3 What are EDI Strategies (50 minutes)
Module 4 How do I Include EDI in My Work (36 minutes)

Training Courses:

Job Postings

Adams County DHS
         Strategic Project Manager view details

Cheyenne County DHS

Colorado Department of Human Services

  • JAI (Joint Agency Interoperability) IT Project Manager view details

Delta County DHS

Gilpin County DHS

Jefferson County DHS

  • Human Services Program Manager, job posting closes 2/8/22 - view details
  • Fraud Investigator-job posting closes 2/10/22 - view details
  • Recovery Specialist- job posting closed 2/10/22 - view details 

Weld County DHS