Report fraud to Colorado Department of Human Services


The Colorado Department of Human Services is committed to discovering and addressing fraud, waste and abuse. CDHS's jurisdiction encompasses inappropriate activity by internal employees, contractors and grant recipients, which may include counties as well as private businesses and non-profit entities.

Private citizens are encouraged to report financial and time fraud as well as waste or misuse of resources.

If fraud is suspected at the county level, please contact your county human services office.

For all other fraud concerns, contact the CDHS Fraud Hotline at 877.934.6361 or fill out the form below. Note: The fraud hotline and online form now include the option to report fraud in Spanish.

Be ready with the following information:

  • The name of the individual or organization
  • The address of the individual or organization
  • The individuals living in the household
  • The date of the alleged misconduct
  • A detailed description explaining why you suspect fraud or abuse
  • Your contact information

The fraud referral will either be investigated by the CDHS Audit Division or referred to the appropriate contact for further investigation.