CDHS Equity Action Plan

CDHS Equity Action Plan header image


While social and racial inequities are long-standing issues, recent events and corresponding protests have driven a call to action. In order to take meaningful action, we need better awareness and understanding to make better decisions that will enable all employees and the people we serve to thrive. CDHS leadership is committed to being a humble, learning organization. We know we can do better in changing our practices to attain better outcomes for everyone.

Equity is when everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, has the opportunity to thrive. Equity is achieved when one’s identity cannot predict the outcome. This requires eliminating barriers like poverty and repairing injustices in systems such as education, health, criminal justice, transportation and our own — human services. Using an “equity lens” means being deliberately inclusive as an organization in making decisions. It introduces a set of questions into the decision-making that help everyone focus on equity in both their process and outcomes.

CDHS is committed to using an equity lens and taking a comprehensive approach on issues of equity. To this end, we have created an Equity Action Plan to guide our work on equity.