Performance Management

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CDHS's Performance Management Division advises and assists agency leaders by using data analysis and strategic planning to drive strategy to improve human services outcomes in Colorado. The department’s performance management strategy discusses data-driven reports and information in meetings where department leadership and program staff hold each other accountable by following up until problems are resolved and results are improved. This performance management strategy is not simply another layer of reporting but is the way CDHS manages its work to achieve results.



C-Stat is a performance-based analysis strategy that allows every program within CDHS to better focus on and improve performance outcomes. By identifying areas of focus, CDHS determines what is working and what needs improvement. By measuring the impact of day-to-day efforts, we are able to make more informed, collaborative decisions to affect positive change.

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County C-Stat

CDHS's Performance Management Division provides counties with services and resources to assist in performance-improvement efforts on county-facing C-Stat measures. Services include access to monthly performance data, Annual Performance Summaries (by request), and other products that establish connections between CDHS's offices and divisions. 

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SMART Act Performance Plan

CDHS prepares an annual performance plan to outline the goals and activities to be undertaken in the coming state fiscal year. Its contents are a reflection of the vision of the department and is aligned with the Department’s Better Together Strategic Plan. The plan’s format meets the requirements of Colorado’s State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent (SMART) Government Act.

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