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Statute Review Task Force

The Statute Review Task Force is a subcommittee of the Child Welfare Sub-PAC. The purpose of the Family First Prevention Services Act Legislative Task Group is to examine and identify specific sections of the Children's Code (Title 19), as well as, other specific statutes related to Human Services (including but not limited to Title 24, Title 25.5, Title 26), that could be impacted by the Families First Prevention and Services Act. Anticipated recommendations will be made in early Fall 2019 to be put forth as a joint legislative proposal for the 2020 session.



Membership of this task group includes members from the following groups, but is open to anyone interested, with an emphasis on having representation from diverse fields and geographic regions.

  • Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Children, Youth and Families
  • Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Child Welfare
  • Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Youth Services
  • Identified urban and rural County Departments of Human Services
  • Representation from urban and rural city/county attorney's
  • Representation from the Delivery of Child Welfare Services Task Force
  • Representatives from the Office of the Child's Representatives
  • Office of Respondent Parent Counsel
  • Child Protection Ombudsman
  • State Court Administrators Office and judicial officers
  • Probation representatives
  • Public Defenders or Defense Attorneys
  • District Attorneys
  • Representatives from the Department of Health Care Policy and Finance
  • Office of Behavioral Health
  • Treatment Providers
  • Out of Home providers (kin, foster, group home, group center and RCCF's)
  • CASA
  • Any other identified advocacy groups or stakeholders that are directly impacted by the Family's First Prevention and Services Act.
Agendas and Minutes