SNAP QA reviews

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Quality Assurance (SNAP QA) unit makes sure that Colorado families receive the correct amount of SNAP benefits on time, and that applications are accepted or denied correctly. SNAP QA is part of CDHS's Division of Performance and Strategic Outcomes.

SNAP QA reviews are required by federal law and are part of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service's system of measuring the accuracy of state eligibility and benefit determinations. Data collected by SNAP QA reviews are also used for program improvement and analysis.

How SNAP QA reviews work

The chart below shows the steps for SNAP QA reviews (view a text version).

SNAP QA flow chart

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a quality assurance review?

SNAP QA makes sure that you and/or your family received the correct amount of SNAP benefits on time or that you were denied correctly.  This information is used to improve the food assistance program.

How do you decide who to choose for review?

Households that received food assistance or were denied are randomly chosen from the computer system.

What can I expect if I am chosen?
  • You will get a letter in the mail with a date and time for you or an adult member of your household to meet with us.
  • We will meet with you in person or by phone depending on how much assistance you get.
  • We will meet with you at your home or other location of your choice.
  • SNAP Quality Assurance staff will show you an official Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) employee ID badge upon arrival and will give a business card.
What do I need to do?
  • You need to meet with us in person or by phone.
  • You need to give us proof of income, things you pay for, who lives at your address, and citizenship or student status. Please have the following items available:
    • All income for your household such as check-stubs, award letters, or other proof of income (earned and unearned),
    • A lease or rent receipt, mortgage statement, property tax letters, and homeowners insurance letters,
    • Utility bills for heat, electric, water, sewer, and phone,
    • Child care payment or medical bills,
    • If you or someone in your home was not born in the United States, documentation of his or her lawful presence for Immigration Services (state staff does not report immigration status), and
    • If someone is 16 years of age or older and in school, verification of school enrollment or attendance.
What if I can't get the proof?

We will help you get the proof we need. We may contact employers, absent parents, landlords, property managers, utility companies, or other people who can help provide the proof we need.

What if I don't want to have a quality assurance review?

You must meet with us and help us get the proof we need. If you do not, your food assistance benefits may stop.

Can I reapply for food assistance if my benefits were stopped because I did not cooperate with Quality Assurance?

You have the right to reapply for food assistance at any time. However, you will be required to complete the original review and provide any missing proof. If the penalty period has expired when you reapply, you are required to provide proof of each eligibility factor before your benefits will be approved.


Colorado's SNAP program works with the following outreach partners, which help Coloradans navigate applying for food assistance, as well as provide food or help find food providers.

Benefits in Action

Benefits in Action is a state-contracted SNAP outreach provider. Their navigators are trained to assist beneficiaries in submitting SNAP applications and finding community organizations that provide food.

Care and Share

Care and Share is a food bank that provides food to pantries and meal sites across southern Colorado. Fill out this form to receive help applying for SNAP benefits.

Colorado Benefits Center

The Colorado Benefits Center uses data-driven outreach and enrollment assistance to conduct outreach and provide application assistance for Coloradans who are likely eligible for, but not enrolled in, SNAP.

Hunger Free Colorado

Hunger Free Colorado is a statewide nonprofit organization that connects people to food resources to meet existing needs and drives policy, systems and social change to end hunger.

Contact us

Contact the SNAP QA office at 303.866.7788 or toll free at 888.893.3491. Individual staff members are listed below.

SNAP QA staff contacts

Toni Myles, Public Assistance Quality Assurance director: 303.866.7768

Haydon Bestle, SNAP QA unit manager: 720.829.8738

Deborah McCarty, SNAP QA unit manager: 303.866.7789

Joey Gomez, SNAP QA program assistant: 303.866.7788

Alex Carter, SNAP QA lead: 303.809.8313

Tori Bozarth, SNAP QA specialist: 303.809.8768

Samuel Garcia, SNAP QA specialist: 720.833.8916

Melissa Peshkov, SNAP QA specialist: 303.809.4920

Nicole Tennant, SNAP QA specialist: 720.437.0938

Sharla Voigt, SNAP QA specialist: 303.809.8335

Fana Washington, SNAP QA specialist: 303.809.1425

Kimberly Bernal, SNAP QA specialist: 720.219.8420

Tricia Rhinehart, SNAP QA specialist: 303.809.4147