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This page contains procurement information for Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) vendors, grantees and the public.

Open bids

Solicitations are posted on Colorado Vendor Self Service (VSS) and open solicitations may also be listed below. If you have issues accessing VSS or downloading associated files, please contact Christopher Frenz at

Updated Jan 26, 2022

Solicitation Name Solicitation No. Close Date Associated Files
Updated 1/3/22: RFP OCYF Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Routing System 2022000102 Jan 31, 2022 View/download
Updated 1/18/22: RFI RC-SVNH Resident Banking & Accounts Receivable Legacy 2022000025 Jan 31, 2022 View/download
Updated 1/18/22: RFP OCYF Domestic Violence Prevention Funding for Flexible Financial Assistance 2022000189 Jan 31, 2022 View/download
DQ YC Special Education Behavioral/Learning Services 2022000435 Jan 31, 2022 View/download
RFP YC FY23 Child Placement Agency (CPA) 2022000167 Feb 1, 2022 View/download
RFP YC FY23 Residential Placement (QRTP/RCCF) 2022000168 Feb 1, 2022 View/download
Updated 1/20/22: RFP OCYF Collaborative Management Program - Case Management Solution 2022000175 Feb 2, 2022 View/download
DQ OCYF  Training & Technical Assistance for Anti-Sexual Assault Svcs 2022000448 Feb 4, 2022 View/download
DQ OEC  Denver Metro Home Visiting (HV) Support 2022000454 Feb 7, 2022 View/download
RFP OEC Motivational Interviewing Training 2022000197 Feb 10, 2022 View/download
RFP OCYF Funding Model - Child Welfare Services (SB21-177) 2022000201 Feb 10, 2022 View/download
RFQ OAS Architect/Engineer (2019-097M21) Refurbish Ash Conveyor System, Heat Plant, CMHIP 2022000045 Feb 10, 2022 View/download
RFA OES Colorado Employment First Third Party Partnerships Round 2 2022000138 Feb 14, 2022 View/download
RFP OCYF Family Search & Engagement Services 2022000176 Feb 15, 2022 View/download
RFP OEC DCFS Circle of Parents Site Support 2022000206 Feb 21, 2022 View/download
Updated 1/20/22: AFB OAS Facility Upgrades (2021-010P20), Fitzsimons VCLC 2022000133 Mar 1, 2022 View/download
RFA OBH Outpatient Restoration/Forensic Services 2020000053 Jun 30, 2022 View/download
RFA OCAI Sign Language Interpreters and CART Providers 2021000268 Jun 30, 2022 View/download


Bidding help

For help with a specific bid, please contact the Single Point of Contact listed in the bid document, or contact anyone listed below.

For help with ColoradoVSS, email or call 303.866.6464.

For information about doing business with the State of Colorado generally, go to ACCESSColorado.

CDHS is always interested in improving. Please take this survey at any time. (We do actually read the responses)


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Procurement contact information 

Chris Frenz
Director, Division of Contracts and Procurement

Lauren Ingalls
Contracts Management

Darla Geer
Procurement Manager

Ryan Yarrow
Procurement Manager