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Open Solicitations

Solicitations are posted on Colorado Vendor Self Service (VSS) and open solicitations are also listed below by Close Date. If you have issues accessing VSS or downloading associated files, please contact Christopher Frenz at

Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) publishes solicitations for the following Offices and its programs:

  • Behavioral Health Administration (BHA)
  • The Office of Civil & Forensic Mental Health (OCFMH) fka The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH)
    • The Colorado Mental Health Hospital in Pueblo (CMHHIP)
    • The Colorado Mental Health Hospital in Fort Logan (CMHHIFL)
  • The Office of Children, Youth & Families (OCYF)
  • Department of Early Childhood (CDEC) fka The Office of Early Childhood (OEC)
  • The Office of Economic Security (OES)
  • The Office Administrative Solutions (OAS)
  • The Office of Community Access & Independence (OCAI)
  • Regional Centers & State Veteran Nursing  Homes (RCSVN)
  • Division of Youth Services & Youth Corrections (DYS/YC)

June 8, 2023

Solicitation Name Solicitation # Close Date Associated Files Updates*
RFP OCYF Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Training & Technical Assistance 2023000393 Jun 14, 2023 View/download  
RFA CDEC Community Based Child Abuse Prevent (CBCAP) Sites 2023000334 Jun 15, 2023 View/download 5/24/23
RFP OES SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Outreach 2023000369 Jun 22, 2023 View/download  
RFA OES Everyday Eats Program 2023000398 Jun 26, 2023 View/download  
RFA OES The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) 2023000397 Jun 26, 2023 View/download 6/6/23
RFA OBH Outpatient Restoration/Forensic Services 2020000053 Jun 30, 2023 View/download  
RFA OBH 125 Additional Beds for Adult Mental Health Transitional Living Homes 2023000203 Jun 30, 2023 View/download 5/19/23
RFA OBH Sex Offender Treatment Services 2022000255 Jun 30, 2023 View/download  
RFA OBH Colorado Mental Health Institutes - Inpatient/Outpatient Medical Hospital Services 2022000398 Jun 30, 2023 View/download  
RFA BHA Career Pipeline Development Grant 2023000417 Jul 05, 2023 View/download  
RFP CDEC EC Educator Substitute Placement Agencies (SPAs) Intermediary 2023000415 Jul 05, 2023 View/download  
RFP OCYF Children Justice Act 2023000392 Jul 06, 2023 View/download  
RFA CDHS CRS 24-103-801 to 807 Disability Set Aside 2023000337 Dec 31, 2023 View/download  
RFA OBH Neuropsychological, Competency, Forensic, Sanity - Mental Condition Evaluations 2022000320 Jun 30, 2024 View/download 5/12/23
RFA OBH CMHHIFL & CMHHIP Conditional & Unconditional Release Evaluators 2023000406 Jun 30, 2024 View/download  
RFA OBH Forensic Services Division CMHHIFL & CMHHIP Neuropsychological Evaluators 2023000409 Jun 30, 2024 View/download  
IFB OAS Food Warehouse - Apprenticeship Utilization Certification 2022000088 Notice Only View/download  

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