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Colorado’s Low-income Energy Assistance Program sees a record-breaking number of applications

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DENVER (Dec. 12, 2023) — For the second straight year, Colorado’s Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is receiving a record number of applications to start the heating season as the cost of energy and other essentials continue to rise and many Coloradans struggle to pay their bills.

As a federally funded, statewide program, LEAP helps eligible individuals and families pay a portion of winter home heating costs by making a one-time payment directly to the utility company on behalf of each LEAP-eligible household.  Since Nov. 1, more than 65,500 Coloradans have applied for LEAP, a 10% increase over this time last season. This season, eligible families can expect to receive between $200 and $1,000 in energy assistance, depending on the type of heating fuel, income and other determining factors. Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2024.

“Many Coloradans continue to experience a tremendous need for energy assistance,” says Theresa Kullen, LEAP manager. “No one should have to live in a cold home or choose between heating their home and paying for essentials like food and rent. If you think you may be eligible for LEAP, we encourage you to take a few minutes to apply.” 

In addition to applying for LEAP, there are other steps that can be taken to help lower heating bills. Coloradans can ensure their home’s furnace is ready for winter by having it inspected by a professional and changing the furnace filter every three months during the winter. Sealing gaps around doors and windows can also help keep in the heat on cold days. In addition to home heating bill assistance, LEAP recipients may be eligible to receive furnace repair and replacement in heat-related emergencies and weatherization services pending the results of a home energy audit.

To qualify for LEAP, Coloradans may have an income up to 60 percent of the state median income, equating to a household income of less than $71,112 a year for a family of four. Additionally, LEAP recipients must pay home heating costs directly to a utility company or landlord as part of their rent and have at least one U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the U.S. living in the household.

To access the LEAP application, visit the LEAP website. Online applications are processed through the Colorado PEAK system. You can also call the HEAT HELP line at 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435) to receive an application via mail or email or visit your local county department of human services office to pick up or drop off an application.

Media contact:
John Rosa, Communications Manager