Permanency Roundtable Program

The goal of the Permanency Roundtable is to expedite legal permanency for the child, stimulate thinking and learning about new ways to accelerate permanency and identify and address systemic barriers to timely permanency.

A Permanency Roundtable is a professional consultation on a youth's case who has been in out of home placement for over a year or who has been assigned a permanency goal of Other Planned Permanency Living Arrangement.

Permanency Roundtables are a structured, in-depth meeting process developed to meet the goals of:

  • Increasing the number of a youth's permanent connections
  • Expediting permanency for children and youth
  • Stimulating thinking and learning about new ways to accelerate permanency
  • Identifying and addressing systematic barriers to timely permanency

Permanency Roundtables are defined by their relentless pursuit of permanency and are held every 90 days until permanency is achieved. Each meeting follows an agenda that promote forward-thinking and creativity. Meetings focus on creating action plans designed to bust down barriers to permanency and develop permanent connections. This includes working to improve a youth's permanency outlook and to reduce the level of restrictiveness in their living situation.

A dedicated team of supports and professionals participating in Permanency Roundtables provide concrete assistance to the caseworker and youth in developing the youth's plan and following through with its implementation. The facilitator ensures that the meetings are youth-driven and that the team is working together towards the youth's goals with a sense of optimism and energy. The counties that are most successful in implementing Permanency Roundtables have a strong belief in the process and practice with fidelity to the model.

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