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The mission of the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is to promote public safety by using statutory criteria in the best interest of the juvenile and victim when reintegrating the juvenile into the community.

The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is authorized to grant, deny, modify, suspend, or revoke, and specify conditions of parole for all juvenile delinquents adjudicated to CDHS. The youth’s parole time is established pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes sections 19-2.5-1117(1), (b), 19-2.5-1518(6), 19-2.5-1203(5)(a). The standard mandatory parole period is six months. However, in some instances the law authorizes the Board to extend the youth’s parole for up to a maximum of 21 months. The parole decisions must be made in accordance with the best interest of the juvenile and the public, pursuant to C.R.S. 19-2.5-1201.

The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is comprised of nine members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for a four year term. The board has four representatives from state agencies that include the Department of Education, Human Services, Labor and Employment and Public Safety and five public members not employed by the state, one from the Western Slope.

The full board meets once a month. View the monthly meeting agenda.


Hearing calendar

For DYS client managers/parole officers to schedule a hearing, please fill out the JPB Hearing Request Form.


The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is composed of nine members, including five public members not employed by the state and four state agency representatives. All board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Colorado State Senate. Of the five public members, one must be a resident of the Western Slope of Colorado.

NameRepresentationExpiration Date
Jared ProchnowPublic member and chairNov. 15, 2026
Heidi HessPublic member at large from Western Slope and vice chairNov. 15, 2025
Andrea Rodriguez-CruzDepartment of Labor and EmploymentNov. 15, 2025
Adrienne BenavidezPublic memberNov. 15, 2024
Kimberly BranhamDepartment of Public SafetyNov. 15, 2025
Elizabeth MartinezPublic memberNov. 15, 2025
Robin SingerDepartment of EducationNov. 15, 2026
Cherrie GrecoPublic memberNov. 15, 2026
Gretchen RussoDepartment of Human ServicesNov. 15, 2026
Victim Services

The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board (JPB) members and staff understand that being victimized by a juvenile is traumatic and may have devastating consequences. We also realize that commitment and parole of juvenile offenders can be confusing and intimidating for the victim. The JPB is committed to assuring that your rights as a victim of juvenile crime are respected throughout the parole process.

The JPB Victim Services Program is able to provide you with information regarding juvenile parole, notification of certain events that may occur during the juvenile's term on parole, and the opportunity to be heard. If you would like to provide testimony for the board to review, you may fill out the Victim Impact Statement form below.

Contact information

Louanne Swanson, Victim Services Coordinator
Phone: 303.524.5295
Email: louanne.griffith@state.co.us

General information

Victim Impact Statement form (English)

Victim Impact Statement form (Spanish)

Parole hearing attendance

The Parole Board members value your input. We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in the parole hearing, whether it be in writing, via video or telephone, or in person. Please contact our Victim Services Coordinator for information, assistance and support in participating in the juvenile offenders' parole hearing.

For information about Victim Services please contact Louanne Swanson, Victim Services Coordinator, 303.524.5295

Resources & Policies

Policies & Procedures


Contact information

Colorado Juvenile Parole Board
1575 Sherman St., 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80203-1714

Lee Ann Brabec
303.866.5977 or 303.506.0584

Brandy Harper
Deputy Administrator

Louanne Swanson
Victim Services Coordinator