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DYS policy updates

The Division of Youth Services develops policies outlining procedures of its administration, programming, and practice. To increase transparency, the Division posts all policies on their website and encourages participation in the process. The policies are over 800 pages and broken into twenty-three (23) chapters covering topics such as medical and health care, programs and services, security and control, and training. Policies are reviewed on an ongoing basis and include research into best practice and input from subject matter experts, youth, employees, and stakeholders within the community. If you are looking to learn more about the Division's policy approval process, you can view the Policy Approval Guide here. If you have a revision, creation, or abolish request for a DYS policy, you can view the Request Form here.

Policy update notification

Do you want to be notified when new policies are under review and again when they are updated and published by the Division of Youth Services? Simply fill out the form below and you will be added to the mailing lists. Once you are added to the mailing list, you will receive notification each time a policy is under review or a new policy topic is being created. You will receive a second notification when the policy update is complete.

Policy input and feedback

We want to hear from you! Members of the general public, family members of youth in the Division's care, employees and professionals working within the juvenile justice system are all welcome to submit feedback and recommendations regarding policies within the Division of Youth Services. You are encouraged to provide your input in the form below. Once you complete the form, your information is automatically sent to DYS administration and policy coordinators for consideration. You can also be updated during the review process by making the request within the form or by contacting the DYS Policy Advisor.



Michael McAuliffe, DYS Policy Advisor


Phone: 720-219-7637