Domestic Violence Program resources for funded programs

The Domestic Violence Program (DVP) provides funding for community-based domestic violence advocacy services throughout Colorado. Below are resources for these local advocacy service teams. Use these quick links to skip directly to the section you're looking for:

DVP requirements  Reporting data to DVP  Sample policies and templates  Webinars and training  CAFE database  Training and technical assistance


DVP requirements

DVP is governed by state rules, CDHS contract requirements and federal requirements. DVP conducts site visits to ensure programs are adhering to these standards.

  • DVP Rules - Please review the DVP Rules that went into effect October 1, 2018.
  • CDHS Contract Requirements - Please review your latest DVP contract for the most updated version of the CDHS contract requirements.
  • Federal Requirements - DVP is funded by the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA).
    Programs funded by DVP must also adhere to the federal Office of Management and Budget's Omni Super Circular, a combination of eight previous federal regulations into one comprehensive guidance codified at 2 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 200 (Subparts A-F). You can view the Super Circular on the U.S. Government Publishing Office, Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Other DVP Requirements - DVP offers other guidance regarding requirements in the DVP Admin Guide. Please click on the attachment below for more information.

Reporting data to DVP

DVP-funded local advocacy services must collect all information related to all domestic violence services, including program components that are not funded by DVP.

DVP requires a Monthly Data Report and a Quarterly Data Report. These reports must be submitted via the Client Assessment, File &, Event Management System (the CAFE). Instructions on data collection, submission of Data Reports, and using the CAFE is included in the DVP Data Reporting Requirements Guide.

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DVP outcomes

DVP has worked with funded organizations and subject matter experts in determining the best way to tell the story of effective advocacy. Below are some of the reports regarding these efforts:

Sample policies and templates

Below are templates and samples of policies, protocols and procedures available for download.

Webinars and training

Domestic Violence Program Informational Series

Evaluation Webinar Series:

MOVERS Webinar Series

The CAFE database

The CAFE is the Client Assessment, File & Event management system that was developed by DVP as a client and contract management system. The CAFE is a Salesforce application.

Programs funded by DVP are required to use the CAFE to report all Monthly and Quarterly Data report and submit monthly financial reimbursements, log fire safety inspections, and more. Programs may also use the CAFE as their own client management system.

Need help?

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Download CAFE training guides and quick tips below

Training and technical assistance

DVP provides funding for training and technical assistance to domestic violence programs in Colorado.

Training and technical assistance programs:

  • Violence Free Colorado: provides training and technical assistance on topics such as accessible, culturally responsive and trauma-informed advocacy, board development, non-profit management and other domestic violence best practices. Contact the Violence Free Colorado by completing the Request Technical Assistance Form.
  • AK Wilson & Alarus Development: provides training and technical assistance on topics such as data reporting best practices, evaluation and implementation of MOVERS outcome measurement tool. More information on contacting this program will be provided in late 2019.
  • Children's Wellness Center: provides training and technical assistance on Kids' Club and Moms Empowerment support group intervention programs. More information on contacting this program will be provided in late 2019.