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Continuous Quality Improvement Workgroup

The purpose of the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Workgroup is to bring county and state child welfare practitioners together regularly to examine state and county performance on key outcome indicators, identify strengths and opportunities in practice, and explore areas of practice that are in need of further research. This group supports the Practice Advancement Group.


Agendas and Minutes

Name Representative
Amanda Regenberg CDHS, Workforce Development Specialist, Co-Chair
Corey Johnson Denver County, Co-Chair
Grant Miller Arapahoe County, Data Analyst/Systems Trainer
Alvino Vasquez Pueblo County, Child Welfare Business Analyst
Melissa Maling Boulder County, Assistant Director, Child Welfare
Pat Sweeney Douglas County, Program Development Manager
Shirley Rhodus El Paso County, Child Welfare Administrator
Jessica Gazupan Arapahoe County, Performance Management Analyst
Aimee Wride Mesa County, Data Analyst
Sheila Strouse Garfield County, Child Welfare Manager
Jeremy Sawyer Adams County
Dulcey Austin Garfield County, Child Welfare Supervisor
Lorendia Schmidt CDHS, Training Unit Manager
Lindsey Gorzalski CDHS, Hocking and Performance Evaluation
JP Sleeger CDHS, RAD Unit
Ann Duenas CDHS, CFSR Specialist, RAD Unit
Stephanie Johnson CDHS, APSR Specialist, RAD Unit