Colorado Youth Detention Continuum (CYDC) Advisory Board and Interstate Compact for Juveniles State Council

The CYDC and Interstate Commission Working Group originates from Colorado Revised Statutes 19-2- 212 and 24-60-702. This board includes representation from many agencies who work in the juvenile justice system throughout the state. The Advisory Board is directed to complete Legislative Directives to include a review and recommend on an annual basis a set of criteria for both detention and commitment for the purposes of determining which juvenile offenders are appropriate for placement in the physical or legal custody of the Department of Human Services and to review and recommend on an annual basis the formula for the purposes of allocating juvenile services funds to each judicial district. The board facilitates the development of plans for community-based detention services by local Juvenile Services Planning Committees. Individual plans will be reviewed by the State Advisory Board prior to the start of each fiscal year.

In accordance with C.R.S 19-2-402.5 the board submits recommendations concerning configuration of the detention catchment areas annually to the Director of Youth Services for transmittal to the Executive Director of the Department of Human Services and the State Court Administrator. In accordance with C.R.S 19-2-1202 the board allocates the number of juvenile detention beds to each catchment area and judicial district annually. They develop a mechanism for loaning of beds between judicial districts. They develop emergency release guidelines that shall be used by each judicial district, develop juvenile detention placement guidelines for use by each judicial district. In addition they oversee the state\'s participation in Interstate Commission activities, including development of policy concerning operations and procedures of the compact within the state. The advisory board meets quarterly and meetings are held in accordance with the Colorado open meetings law.

C.R.S. 24-60-702 Article X, each state shall create a Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision. Its membership must include at least one representative from the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government, victims groups, and the compact administrator, deputy compact administrator or designee. Each state council will advise and may exercise oversight and advocacy concerning that state\'s participation in Interstate Commission activities, including development of policy concerning operations and procedures of the compact within that state.


Agendas and Minutes
Name Representative
Kelly Abbott 18th Judicial District SB 94 Coordinator
Shawn Cohn Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile District Probation, Chair
Susan Colling Juvenile Probation Specialist, Colorado Division of Probation Services
Melanie Gilbert Juvenile District Court Magistrate
Anders Jacobson Director of Division of Youth Services, CDHS
Liz Kreiman 3rd Juridical District SB 94 Coordinator
Pamela Neu Manager Adolescent Mental Health, CDHS
Duane Oakes Chief of Police, Alamosa
Robert Omer Chief Probation Officer, 7th Judicial District
Jessica Perrill Assistant Attorney General, Colorado Department of Law
Andrew Prehm Lieutenant, El Paso Sheriff\'s Office
Tiffany Sewell Collaborative Management/ ICWA Administrator, CDHS
Luis Velez Chief of Police, Pueblo Police Department
Douglas Walker Judge, Montezuma District Court
Thomas Ward State Public Defender
Katie Wells Manager, Adolescent Substance Abuse Disorder Program, CDHS
Meg Williams Manager, Adult/ Juv Justice Assistance, Division of Criminal Justice, Vice-Chair
Legislation and Reports

§ C.R.S.19-2-212: Statue Governing the Senate Bill 94 Advisory Board

§ C.R.S.24-60-702: Statue Governing theInterstate Compact for Juveniles State Council