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Colorado Works Allocation Committee

The Works Allocation Committee (WAC) was created to provide input to the Executive Director of Human Services on the allocation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) County Block Allocation to the counties. The WAC annually reviews the allocation, adopts a formula to distribute TANF mitigation, approves transfers between counties, and monitors the County TANF Reserve caps. The WAC meets quarterly to review spending and allocation trends.



The WAC consists of 11 members, eight of whom are appointed by Colorado Counties, Inc. and three of whom are appointed by the State Department of Human Services. The county with the greatest percentage of caseload is automatically appointed.

Name Representative
Scott James Weld County Commissioner
Bob Campbell Teller County Commissioner
Wendy Buxton-Andrade Prowers County Commissioner
Janet Rowland Mesa County Commissioner, Co-Chair
Mimi Scheuermann. Denver Department of Human Services
Richard Elsner Park County Commissioner, Co-Chair
Lora Thomas Douglas County Commissioner
Sue Hansen Montrose County Commissioner
Ian McMahon CDHS appointee, CDHS, Economic & Workforce Support Director
Shelley Banker CDHS appointee, CDHS, Office of Economic Security Director
Telly Belton CDHS appointee, CDHS, Controller
Agendas and Minutes

Legislation & Reports