Colorado Domestic Abuse Fund

Thanks in part to the Colorado Domestic Abuse Fund (CDAF), the CDHS Domestic Violence Program (DVP) provided funding to local domestic violence programs in Colorado that answered 62,080 crisis calls and served 23,758 adults and children in 2018.

Coloradans donated more than $167,000 on their 2017 tax returns to the CDAF. "The state's tax check-off program is an easy way for taxpayers to give to support a cause that they are passionate about," said DVP Director Brooke Ely-Milen. "Many rural programs in Colorado do not have the resources to sustain a permanent emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their children. This funding provides a crucial bridge to safety until a survivor can find another permanent, safe location. The availability of emergency motel or hotel vouchers to temporarily house survivors who flee violent homes is just one example of the many ways CDAF supports local programs and services for survivors of domestic violence and their children in Colorado."

Check-off contributions are voluntary donations made from a taxpayer's refund, or donations can be made from an additional amount voluntarily added to a taxpayer's liability.

Contributions to CDAF support local domestic violence programs and services such as:

  • 24-hour crisis line services
  • Emergency housing options
  • Support groups, counseling, and advocacy
  • Safety planning and information and referrals for victims and their families
  • Community education and prevention efforts
  • Children's programming and advocacy

To find a program in your area, go to the Domestic Violence Program Map

Promote CDAF

Our goal is to double the donations to CDAF this year. To raise taxpayer awareness about the CDAF, DVP would like to enlist your organization's support. Here's how you can help: