Colorado Implementation Science Unit


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The Colorado Implementation Science Unit (CISU) works to strengthen the Office of Children, Youth and Families' internal capacity to engage in program implementation, scaling, replication and evaluation. CISU, which is funded as a three-year pilot program by the Morgridge Family Foundation, is working to ensure programs are achieving their intended results and are accessible to all who need them. Furthermore, CISU has the unique opportunity to demonstrate how government agencies can implement evidence-based policymaking best practices and improve performance and accountability. 

How the Colorado Implementation Science Unit helps

The Colorado Implementation Science Unit supports the Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) with data-informed decision-making, research, evaluation and implementation projects.

Through the development and implementation of a Strategic Research Agenda, CISU helps OCYF assess and recommend best practices for service delivery. View OCYF's FY 2023-2024 Strategic Research Agenda.

Through its work with communities and key partners, CISU helps to develop, test and scale programs. To learn more, view the CISU Menu of Services.

To learn more about CISU's program-related projects, explore the links below.

Fostering Opportunities
Family First Prevention Services
Colorado Kinnected Kinship Navigator Program
Additional projects

CISU's areas of expertise

  • Implementation science
  • Evidence-building
  • Strategic change management
  • Improvement science
  • Dissemination science
  • Research and analysis
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Data analysis
  • Human-centered design, co-design and design thinking
  • Child welfare
  • Juvenile justice
  • Behavioral health

Our core responsibilities

Providing technical assistance and thought partnership to rural and other underserved communities to support program:

  • Development
  • Evaluation
  • Fidelity
  • Implementation readiness
  • Full implementation
  • Sustainability

Providing recommendations regarding the:

  • Addition of programs to Colorado’s Family First Prevention Plan
  • Collection of data that will allow the state to claim federal Title IV-E funds for prevention programs offered to non-child-welfare-involved families
  • Reinvestment of Title IV-E earnings to the expansion of Family First services across the state