Child Support Commission

The State of Colorado Child Support Commission is required by Title IV of the Social Security Act and created pursuant to § C.R.S.14-10-115 The Commission is charged with conducting a review of the child support guidelines and examining discretionary issues presented by members and various stakeholders. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor to serve four year terms and are comprised of members of the Colorado Bar Association, judges, parents, interested parties, an accountant and the child support liaison to judiciary. The Child Support Commission is currently meeting once a month.

The Commission is required to issue a report every four years to the Governor and General Assembly of the results of the review of the child support guidelines and any recommended statutory changes.

The last report of the Commission was presented to the Governor and the General Assembly in December 2023.



The Child Support Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 12:30 p.m. View a list of all public meetings on the CDHS Public Meeting Calendar.

Agendas and Minutes

Legislation & Reports

NameRepresentationTerm Expiration
Laura DelkaColorado Bar Association7-7-25
Michael AragonDirector of Human Services7-7-25
Lanie M. Meyers-MirelesDirector of a County Human Services7-7-25
Honorable Jill BradyJudiciary7-1-25
Magistrate Lisa GomezJudiciary7-1-25
Robert KurtzInterested Party7-1-25
Linda NickelsColorado Bar Association7-7-24
Omar YassineCertified Public Accountant7-7-25
Roxanne PignanelliInterested Party7-7-24
MariaJose DelgadoInterested Party7-7-23
Tracy RumansInterested Party7-7-23
Brandi SnellingInterested Party7-7-25
Jennifer ReyesInterested Party7-7-23
LeAnn AndersonInterested Party7-1-26
Chardele RobertInterested Party7-7-23
Joel Borgman

 Child Support Liaison to Judiciary

Neal PeskindParent Representative7-1-26
Ana PetersParent Representative7-1-26
Rep. Brandi BradleyState House RepresentativeWNLS
Sen. Rhonda FieldsState SenatorWNLS
Larry DesbienColorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support ServicesPOG