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Chafee Modernization Task Group

Sub PAC authorized a time-limited task group to design an implementation plan for statewide Chafee. This was a recommendation from the HB1319 Steering Committee that includes equitable access to Chafee for all eligible youth in Colorado, and "the integration of the Pathways to Success program with Chafee".

The task group will develop recommendations to achieve the following goals.

  • All youth have access to effective services regardless of where they live.
  • Chafee programs must serve youth up to age 23 and provide access to all eligible youth, with prioritization.
  • The task group will leverage the recommendations of the HB-1319 steering committee report.

Agendas and Minutes


Trevor Williams Co-chair
Nicole Kuzma Co-chair
Andrew Olson Representative
Andrew Lorensen Representative
Barb Weinstein Representative
Hava Simmons Representative
Heather Walker Representative
Brittany Gardner Representative
Amber Biss Representative
Marilyn J. Cheever Representative
Tiffany Ramos Representative
Brie Knight Representative
Lanie Meyers-Mireles Representative
Janeen McGee Representative
Jenny Bender Representative
Ruby Richards Representative
Pamela McKay Representative
Susan Adams Representative
Georgina Becerril Representative
Michelle Ferrera Representative
Matt Mcgaugh Representative
Jacque Frenier Representative
Marc Fortney Representative
Claudia Budd Representative
Matt Sena Representative
Chris Nelson Representative