Chafee Funding Methodology Work Group

The Division of Child Welfare will convene a group of county/state program and finance staff to develop a funding methodology that considers the need for providing equitable funding with meaningful minimums for programs to operate and determine additional sources of in-kind match.


Agendas and Minutes


Name County/Office
Sheila Strouse Garfield County
Monica Haskell Chaffee County
Brittany Gardner Mesa County
Adriana Hartley Delta County
Hannah Webster Mesa County
Greg Cordova Weld County
Hava Simmons Larimer County
Greg Johnson Jefferson County
Georgina Becerril Denver County
Emily Dusatko Denver County
Phung Nguyen Denver County
Sarah Bay Jefferson County
Deborah Shauer Division of Child Welfare
Melissa Dahlin Arapahoe County
Sarah Loh La Plata County
Jill Calvert El Paso County
Jessica Hardwicke El Paso County
Meagan Gloss Division of Child Welfare
Megan Rungie El Paso County
Susan Adams Adams County
Brenda Redding Adams County
Rick Schilling Adams County
Katrina Chambers Pueblo County