Adult Financial Programs

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Colorado's Adult Financial Programs include the following programs. Scroll down for information about applying for assistance from these programs.

Aid to the Needy Disabled-Colorado Supplement

The Aid to the Needy Disabled-Colorado Supplement (AND-CS) program provides a supplemental payment for clients age 0 to 59, who are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) due to a disability or blindness, and are not receiving the full SSI benefit.

For more information about AND-CS program, view this information sheet.

Aid to the Needy Disabled-State Only

The Aid to the Needy Disabled-State Only (AND-SO) program provides a cash assistance benefit to low-income Colorado residents who have a disability that precludes them from working. The program provides interim financial assistance while the client pursues Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI).

For more information about AND-SO program, view this information sheet.

Burial Assistance Program

The Burial Assistance Program provides payments to providers for burial and cremation services of low-income Coloradans. Burial benefits are used to cover reasonable and necessary costs for burial services.

For more information about the Burial Assistance Program, view this information sheet.

Old Age Pension

The Old Age Pension program, established in the State Constitution in 1937, provides cash benefits to eligible individuals aged 60 years and older.

For more information about the Old Age Pension program, view this information sheet.

Home Care Allowance

The Home Care Allowance (HCA) program provides cash assistance to individuals 5 years of age and older with a disability to pay a home care provider. HCA is used to pay for services to help clients remain in their homes (such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and shopping). Services are provided by a home care provider.

For more information about the HCA program, view this information sheet.

Personal Needs Allowance

The Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) program provides a cash payment to a client living in a facility. The payment is intended to cover hygiene and personal care costs not usually supplied by the provider.

For more information about the PNA program, view this information sheet.

EBT card information

Once approved, clients can access cash assistance by using their EBT card or by selecting Direct Deposit. Please click here for more information on how you can access cash assistance. You can also find your local county office information here.

How to apply

To apply for any of the above programs, go to the PEAK Colorado website or fill out the application of your choice below and return it by mail, fax or in person to your local county human services office. Find contact information for county offices here.

English application

Spanish application

Large-print application