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About cash assistance

Colorado's cash assistance programs include the programs listed below. To apply for any these programs, use the Colorado PEAK website or fill out the application of your choice below and return it by mail, fax or in person to your local county human services office. Once approved, you can access cash assistance by using your EBT card or by selecting direct deposit.

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Colorado Works

In Colorado, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program is known as Colorado Works. It is a cash assistance program that helps eligible families with very low incomes become self-sufficient by encouraging job preparation, work and family stabilization. Eligible applicants receive monthly cash assistance payments, as well as training and employment assistance.

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Adult Financial Programs

Colorado's Adult Financial Programs include the Aid to the Needy Disabled-Colorado Supplement program, the Aid to the Needy Disabled-State Only program, the Burial Assistance Program, the Old Age Pension program, the Home Care Allowance program, and the Personal Needs Allowance program.

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Information about keeping your EBT card secure

Your EBT card and benefits could be at risk. EBT cards are being skimmed and cloned, and anyone can access your benefits if they have your card number and PIN information. Here’s what you need to know:
Lost or stolen SNAP benefits cannot be replaced when the card and PIN are used.
Keep your EBT card safe through a couple of easy steps:

  • Change your PIN often to prevent fraud. Follow these step-by-step instructions to change your PIN.
  • Freeze your EBT card to stop new purchases and PIN changes and restrict out of state or online transactions. 
    • Log into the ebtEDGE mobile app from your smartphone or visit the online Cardholder Portal

For additional information, please see “How do I protect my benefits on my EBT card?” (below)

Traveling out of state? Know the following before you go.

  • Colorado may block transactions in cities and states where fraud has taken place.
  • To use your EBT card in a city/state where transactions are being blocked, call 1-800-536-5298 before you leave. The Colorado EBT program can help unblock your card for use.

Receiving Cash Assistance? Consider direct deposit.

  • Fill out the Client Direct Deposit form to begin receiving your benefits directly in your bank account, rather than on an EBT card.