Featured initiatives

As part of its work, CDHS includes a number of initiatives that affect everything we do across our offices, divisions and programs. Here are some of our most important initiatives.


CDHS strategic plan

On June 8, 2020, CDHS announced its new strategic plan, titled "Better Together." Based on feedback from thousands of survey responses and discussions with staff, stakeholders and partners, CDHS's strategic plan identified guiding principles and key initiatives that align with our new mission, vision and values. These provide the foundation of what we do, who we serve and who we are.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Our mission at CDHS is to empower Coloradans to thrive with the people-first values of accountability, transparency and ethical practice. In order to uphold this foundation, we must do more than talk about equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). CDHS is actively listening and learning in order to responsively change our policies, practices and mindsets. 

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Family and community engagement

CDHS uses two important principles to guide the way we provide human services. One is equity, diversity and inclusion; the other is a whole-community, whole-family, whole-person approach, also known as two-generation or two-gen. To hold ourselves accountable to those principles, we created the Family and Community Engagement Plan, a roadmap to a more inclusive CDHS. 

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Two-generation approach

CDHS uses a two-generation approach to guide all of our services. The two-gen approach encourages our programs to serve children and their caregivers together, to put the entire family on a path to permanent economic security. It provides all family members with opportunities, together, to be successful.

Visit the Two-generation approach in Colorado page to learn how two-gen is used in several of our programs >>

Family Voice Council

What better way to improve Colorado's human services than to ask those Coloradans who have actually used the services? The Family Voice Council is made up of 20 members who have been involved with, or are currently engaging in, two CDHS services or programs. Council members come together regularly to learn, give input and ultimately affect positive systems change at CDHS.

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Youth development plan

The Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan presents a vision for a strong youth development network and strategies for improving an array of youth-focused policies, practices and programs. At the core of the vision and strategies is the incorporation of positive youth development principles into the services and programs for youth ages 9 to 25 in Colorado.

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Child welfare collaborations

Colorado's collaborations at the state and county levels are critical to providing services to children, youth and families involved in the child welfare system. The collaborations avoid splintering of efforts and increase local contribution to creating solutions for improving lives.

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Wildly Important Goals

As part of our annual performance plan, CDHS establishes Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) each state fiscal year. Executive leadership develops WIGs that will advance our strategic policy initiatives. Each WIG is designed to be measurable, responsive to change and transparent.

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