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Office of Children, Youth and Families
File name Description Date
2013 Balance of State Mitigation Process for the Child Welfare Services Block Allocation Budget/Financing May 23, 2013
2014- Adoption Home Assessment Vendor List Adoption May 15, 2014
Adoption Assistance Rates Across the State, County by County for SFY 2013-2014 Adoption Dec. 15, 2014
Annual County Collaborative Chafee Plan for the Performance period of July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015 Requirements and Recommendations Foster Care March 28, 2014
Balance of State Mitigation Process to Access BOS Reserv and submittal of Mitigation Requests Budget/Financing April 23, 2014
Changes to the Requirements for Completion of Family Services Plan 4A (FSP 4A) Family Services Plan 4A (FSP 4A) March 3, 2014
Child Welfare Training Unit Creation of a Caseworker Regional Coverage List Caseworker Coverage List June 4, 2014
CO County Compliance with CRS 19-3-308(5.5) MOUs April 14, 2014
DD-DCW-01-01-2015, Secondary Trauma Training and Consultation Services Secondary Trauma Jan. 8, 2015
DD-DCW-01-02-2015, Results of the Adoption Assistance program review for 2014 Adoption Jan. 27, 2015
DD-DCW-02-02-2015, Casey Family Programs Congregate Care Reduction Funding Update for 2015 Casey Family Programs Feb. 9, 2015
DD-DCW-02-02-2015, Minimum Wage Title IV-E Feb. 12, 2015
DD-DCW-02-04-2015, Casey Family Programs Educational Outcomes Funding for 2015 Casey Family Programs Feb. 12, 2015
DD-DCW-02-04-2015, Casey Family Programs Educational Outcomes Funding for 2015, Deadline: March 17, 2015 Adoption Feb. 25, 2015
DD-DCW-03-01-2015, Follow-Up Review of Non-Certified Kinship Caregivers Kinship March 5, 2015
DD-DCW-03-03-2015, Requests for Additional IV-E Waiver Funding Title IV-E March 25, 2015
DD-DCW-03-04-2015, Collaborative Management MOU Timelines and Deadlines Collaborative Management March 26, 2015
DD-DCW-03-05-2015, Year 3 IV-E Waiver Application Title IV-E March 27, 2015
DD-DCW-07-03-2014, State of Colorado County Family Foster Care Home Catastrophic Liability Insurance Policy for SFY 2015 Foster Care July 10, 2014
DD-DCW-07-04-2014, Referral Form for Kinship Families Applying for Child-Only TANF Kinship July 18, 2014
DD-DCW-07-05-2014, Casey Family Programs Funding Update to Dear Director Letter Casey Family Programs July 18, 2014
DD-DCW-07-06-2014, IV-E Waiver Title IV-E July 18, 2014
DD-DCW-07-07-2014, IV-E Waiver Addendum to the SFY2013-14 MOU Title IV-E July 18, 2014
DD-DCW-07-08-2014, IV-E Waiver SFY2014-15 MOU Title IV-E July 18, 2014
DD-DCW-07-09-2014, Foster Care, Family Service Plan Engagement, and Credit Record Report Rule Revisions Foster Care July 18, 2014
DD-DCW-07-10-2014, Child Welfare Training Audit for the period July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014 Audit July 22, 2014
DD-DCW-07-12 2014, Unaccompanied Alien Children Congregate Care July 25, 2014
DD-DCW-08-01-2014, Foster Care Parental Fees Retained – FY 2014 County Rates, Services and Outcomes, Fees Aug. 1, 2014
DD-DCW-08-03-2014, Amended FY 2014-15 IV-E Waiver MOU Title IV-E Aug. 26, 2014
DD-DCW-09-01-2014, Administration for Children and Families Program Improvement Plan CFSR Performance Improvement Plan Sept. 1, 2014
DD-DCW-10-01-2014, External Stakeholder Travel Reimbursement Travel Oct. 3, 2014
DD-DCW-10-02-2014, Runaway Service Authorization and Resources Trails Oct. 3, 2014
DD-DCW-10-03-2014, Psychotropic Medications Consent Form Psychotropic Medication Oct. 3, 2014
DD-DCW-10-04-2014, Child Fatality Review Recommendation, Specifically Recommendation 12-054 Child Fatality Review Oct. 23, 2014
DD-DCW-11-01-2014, Statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Training Abuse and Neglect Hotline Nov. 24, 2014
DD-DCW-12-01-2014, Child Welfare Rule package Volume 7 Rules Dec. 3, 2014
DD-DCW-12-02-2014, Adoption Assistance Rates Adoption Dec. 15, 2014
DD-DCW-12-03-2014, Annual Report Regarding the FY 2013 Foster Parent Exit Surveys Audit Dec. 15, 2014
DD_DCW_12_04_2014.pdf Volume 7 Dec. 15, 2014
DD-DCW-12-06-2014, FY 2014 Title IV-E Waiver Savings Title IV-E Dec. 24, 2014
DD-DCW-2-03-2015, Title IV-E Waiver Year 2 Implementation Index Title IV-E Feb. 23, 2015
DD-DCW-July 03-2014, Child Fatality Review recommendation regarding accessing information from parole officers for parolees Child Fatality Review July 3, 2014
DD-DCW-July-2-2014, Consideration of C-Stat measures in the implementation of Differential Response Differential Response July 10, 2014
Differential Response Counties re: HRA and FAR Timely Closure Timeliness of Assessment Closure April 10, 2014
Distribution of Collaborative Management Program (CMP) incentive funds for SYF 2013 and the timeline for the CMP incentive funds for the SYF 2014 Collaborative Management April 7, 2014
Division of Child Welfare Training Unit Conducting In-Person Training Audits Audit Dec. 27, 2013
Evaluation of Colorado Department of Human Services Child Welfare County Caseworker Workload Study Workload Study Nov. 22, 2013
FY2014-2015 Core Services Program Annual Planning Process Budget/Financing July 22, 2014
DD-DCW-08-02-2014 SafeCare Colorado Aug. 12, 2014
Impact of IV-E eligibility determinations related to the increase in the minimum wage in Colorado Title IV-E Feb. 10, 2014
Inclusion of the Permanency Roundtables in Trails Trails Feb. 5, 2014
Information about June 2014 Trails Data Build Trails June 18, 2014
Information about the Barriers to Permanency Funding received by CDHS and CHSDA from Casey Family Programs Casey Family Programs Feb. 28, 2014
Information about the Colorado Practice Model (CPM) and the child safety and performance well-being specialists assigned to work with county departments Colorado Practice Model April 16, 2014
Information about the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) training Youth Aug. 2, 2013
Information about Volume 7 Rule Changes and Trails enhancement for Program Area Three (PA3) Trails April 24, 2014
Joint Data Collection efforts between the Administrative Review Division (ARD) and the Division of Child Welfare (DCW) with regards to Congregate Care Administrative Review Division June 27, 2014
Kin Adventures: Expressions of Hope and Love artistic campaign Kinship Dec. 17, 2013
March 2014 Trails Data Build Updates Trails March 27, 2014
Media Inquiry Regarding Use of Psychotropic Medication in Colorado Psychotropic Mediacation July 19, 2013
Medicaid Application for Foster Care Updated Form Foster Care May 17, 2013
Notice of Counties Scheduled to Have an Adoption Assistance Program Review in 2014 Adoption Dec. 19, 2013
Notice of joint data collection between the Administrative Review Division (ARD) and the Division of Child Welfare (DCW) with regards to congregate care Congregate Care June 27, 2014
Notification of the plan that all 64 counties in Colorado will be using Enhanced Screening and RED Teams within their referral and intake process by July 1, 2014 Enhanced Oct. 1, 2013
Preliminary Funding for the Child Welfare Services, Core Services and Implementation of the Hotline for FY 2014-15 Budget/Financing June 23, 2014
Psychotropic Medication Guidelines for Children and Youth in Foster Care Psychotropic Medication July 19, 2013
Rate Increase to the Provider Rates in Trails for FY 2014-2015 Trails June 24, 2014
Results from 2013 Adoption Assistance Program Review Adoption Dec. 19, 2013
SFY 2012-2013 Adoption Assistance Rates Across Colorado Adoption Jan. 31, 2014
SSI Rate Increase for children in the CHRP waiver Social Security Income (SSI) Feb. 18, 2014
State Approval of County Rates, Services, and Outcomes Negotiation Methodologies FY 2014-2015 County Rates, Services and Outcomes, Fees March 3, 2014
The Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Item 20 added to C-Stat, request assistance in meeting PIP goals by September 30, 2014 CFSR Performance Improvement Plan Sept. 4, 2013
The Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Program Improvement Plan (PIP) CFSR Performance Improvement Plan Nov. 16, 2012
The Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Update the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), request assistance in meeting PIP goals to avoid fiscal sanction CFSR Performance Improvement Plan June 13, 2013
The purpose of this letter is to strongly encourage the addition of a family organization or family member to the voting membership of your Collaborative Management Program (CMP) Interagency Agency Oversight Group (IOG) Collaborative Management Jan. 31, 2014
Timeliness of Assessment Closure measure and the Division’s plan to improve county performance on the measure Timeliness of Assessment Closure Jan. 17, 2014
Trust Accounts for Foster Children Foster Care June 1, 2013
Two Hundred Percent (200%) of Poverty Level - 2014 Federal Poverty Level March 3, 2014
Use of COVIS and its expansion statewide Colorado Vital Records Information System (COVIS) March 3, 2014
Office of Community Access and Independence
File name Description Date
CAPSandMandatoryReporting03-19-14.pdf None March 19, 2014
Office of Early Childhood
File name Description Date
Cliff Effect Pilot - Spring 2015.pdf Division of Early Care and Learning March 23, 2015
March 2014 Trails Data Build Updates Division of Community &, Family Support March 27, 2014
SK_HB1317 Dear Director Letter - 2014-.pdf Division of Early Care and Learning Nov. 18, 2014
Spring 2014 Trails Data Build Division of Community &, Family Support Feb. 5, 2014
Office of Economic Security
File name Description Date
2013-2014 LEAP Monitoring Process.pdf Food and Energy Assistance Jan. 3, 2014
2013 Legislative Update.pdf Legislation July 9, 2013
2014 CO Works TANF Funds.pdf Employment and Benefits June 12, 2014
2014 FNS Discrepancy Issue.pdf Food and Energy Assistance Nov. 24, 2014
2014 PDA Directors Letter.pdf Employment and Benefits March 28, 2014
2015 FNS Discrepancy Issue.pdf Food and Energy Assistance March 13, 2015
Adult Financial Forum.pdf Employment and Benefits Feb. 14, 2014
Employment Focused Program Change 2014.pdf Employment and Benefits June 2, 2014
Feb 2015 Intuit Update.pdf Food and Energy Assistance Feb. 2, 2015
JPMorganAnnouncement01142014.pdf Food and Energy Assistance June 14, 2014
SFY 2014-2015 LEAP Program Administration and Outreach Allocations.pdf Food and Energy Assistance Sept. 24, 2014
Office of Performance and Strategic Outcomes
File name Description Date
2014 Reminder to Send in Audits.pdf Audit Division May 28, 2014
2015 ARD Screen Out Review Administrative Review Division March 12, 2015
Additional Clarification on ARD and CFRT Letter.pdf Administrative Review Division March 9, 2015
ARD and CFRT Letters.pdf Administrative Review Division March 9, 2015
DDLARDInstrumentWorkgroups.pdf Administrative Review Division Sept. 3, 2014
State_Prescribed_Child_Fatality_Near_Fatality_and_Egregious_Incident_Reporting_Form.pdf Administrative Review Division NA