Change Management Plan for Defining the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) January - Summer 2021

Health Management Associates (HMA)

HMA is a Colorado-based independent consulting and research firm contracted by the State of Colorado to understand the state’s behavioral health programs, services and initiatives in detail. HMA is  supporting the state in creating the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) while maintaining and strengthening the vital work that exists. Coloradans are at the center of HMA’s work. The commitment is to maintain a focus on Coloradans and the ultimate impact that the creation of the BHA will have on individuals and families as well as state agencies and stakeholders. 

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Change Management

Change management is a process to prepare, support, and help individuals, programs, and organizations in making change. Colorado is early in the change management process to inform the creation of the BHA with a focus on engagement among state personnel and other stakeholders to listen to ideas, concerns and challenges. This part of the change management process is NOT the stage where the BHA decisions are finalized, nor the stage when those decisions are being implemented. This is the time to listen, engage and understand to create solutions together.  


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This page features up-to-date information about the change management process, progress, frequently asked questions, opportunities to engage, and access to additional resources. The page will continue to be updated, including announcements and links to register to attend open forums so please bookmark this link and check back often! 

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Project Timeline
Timeline of behavioral health reform activities

More Information
What is the BHA?

The Behavioral Health Task Force unanimously recommended establishing a Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) to lead and promote Colorado’s behavioral health priorities, ensure that behavioral health services respond to the changing needs of communities, monitor state and local outcomes, and evaluate state efforts. The BHA will maximize individual experience and expertise, maintain institutional knowledge, build strong collaboration between departments and programs, and enhance the overall system. For information on Colorado’s broader Behavioral Health Reform efforts, including legislation, click here.

Why is HMA doing this work?

With over one million Coloradans in need of behavioral health services, we must strengthen our system —from prevention to recovery and beyond. Colorado has national recognition for high quality and innovative behavioral health work. At the same time, as a system there are challenges delivering that innovation to all Coloradans. Duplication, siloed services, and no single accountable state nor government agency limits the success of individual agencies, programs, counties, or providers. This work is to inform a system that works for all Coloradans.

HMA’s work is supporting the fulfillment of the vision and platform for real and lasting change in the behavioral health system. It is vital that the planning of the solution for forming the BHA is thoughtful, accurate, and timely to ensure the BHA is successful. Through its analysis, HMA will understand the current state and how proposed solutions to create the BHA could impact stakeholders at all levels and most importantly Coloradans.

How is HMA doing this work?

HMA is supporting the technical work to understand the behavioral health efforts in the State and all the details associated with those efforts to help inform the formation of the BHA. ​HMA is assessing who and what will be affected by the change, and how. This includes a 3 stage process (stage 1 - Investigation, stage 2 - Solutions, stage 3 - Implementation plan) for collecting information and discussing the change with people who have different views of the system. HMA will create options and solutions for the Behavioral Health Reform Executive Committee and Governor’s Office for how the BHA comes together based on this technical work, and then work on a detailed implementation plan in partnership with state agencies, stakeholders and consumers.

HMA is NOT the decision maker for the formation of the BHA, and nor is it implementing the BHA. The Behavioral Health Reform Executive Committee, as a collective, will provide a recommendation to and work with the Governor to inform his decision on the formation of the BHA. A plan for the creation and establishment of the BHA will be submitted to the General Assembly by November 1, 2021. 

What’s happening now?

February - March 2021

We are in stage 1 of a 3-stage change management process focused on gathering information from state personnel, stakeholders and consumers to understand how current behavioral health efforts are organized and delivered throughout the state, and their impact on Coloradans. This is the time to listen, engage and understand to create solutions. This stage is an opportunity to:

  • celebrate existing work while building greater connection between behavioral health efforts to ensure the system is strengthened for all Coloradans.
  • work together to influence change and collaboration beyond a specific program or effort to enhance the overall behavioral health experience in Colorado.
  • share and solve challenges you may want to see change.

This part of the change management process is NOT the stage where the decisions are finalized, nor the stage when those decisions are being implemented. Decisions will be made as a result of the change management process.

State Agency Engagement

HMA is using a tiered discovery process that will engage leadership, subject matter experts and others within select state agencies:​

  • Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • Colorado Department of Education 
  • Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
  • Colorado Department of Higher Education 
  • Colorado Department of Human Services
  • Colorado Department of Labor and Employment 
  • Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
  • Colorado Department of Public Safety 
  • Colorado Department of Corrections
  • Colorado Department of Local Affairs 
  • Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
  • Colorado Division of Veteran Affairs 
  • Colorado Judicial Branch

HMA will also utilize a number of data tools for quantitative data—supplementing and verifying accuracy with agency staff as needed.​

Stakeholder & Consumer Engagement

HMA is also engaging various stakeholders and consumers throughout this stage:​

  • HMA will hold targeted focus groups and open forums with stakeholders and consumers, including representatives from: counties/local government, providers, community mental health centers, administrative services organizations and managed service organizations, consumers and others.
  • Focus groups and open forms will discuss functionality needs of the BHA, vision of the BHA, opportunities and risks, unintended consequences, and feedback on potential solutions.​
  • Announcements and links to register to attend open forums will be shared in the coming weeks on this page. 
How can I get involved?
This work benefits from your voice, ideas, questions and contributions.
  1. Access the latest info & resources: Bookmark this page and continue to check in for the latest information on the project and process.
  2. Share your thoughts: Submit your ideas, questions or concerns via the feedback form.
  3. Spread the word: Use the communication toolkit to share information about this work with your colleagues, partners and community.
  4. Attend an open forum: Open forums will provide an option for individuals to engage in a virtual formal group discussion - similar to a focus group but open to all to attend. The forums will be announced in the coming weeks - stay tuned!
  5. Stay informed on all Behavioral Health Reform efforts: Visit the broader Behavioral Health Reform page for updates to sign up for the “Constructing Change” and to sign up for a work group. There is additional work underway beyond the creation of a BHA.
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